Recovery Week symptoms

Just finished SSB1 and on the recovery week. Towards the end of the 5th week my chest feels tight and sore on the muscles and my throat glands are pumping hard and a bit swollen with no other cold symptoms. Anyone else have this? Had a rest day and started feeling much better, then did the petit workout the following day, it felt easy, but the next day some of those symptoms have come back. Reckon skip the next workout and just do the weekend one. I’m thinking I’m just a little run down?

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I would take a couple of days off the bike and see how you feel. Your body is trying to fight something so let it do it’s work as that’s quicker in the long run.

I suppose I should be glad I managed the 5 weeks, I guess missing an hour endurance workout is not the end of the world, I just like to do things properly, but will take your advice as it’s what I’m also thinking!

I’m exactly the same and it’s always easy to give this advice but a lot harder to adhere too.

The general rule of thumb is light exercise is fine if the symptoms are above the neck but no exercise for symptoms below.

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The last two times I’ve gone through build phase, I’ve ended up with a cold. Is anyone doing anything to help boost immune function during these periods of higher stress? Obviously sleep, nutrition, etc are of critical importance during these times, but is anyone supplementing with zinc, vitamin C, etc?