Recovery week understanding and clarification question?

hello all.

just started Sweet Spot Base (mid-volume part 1) and I was wondering about the reasoning behind the 6th week.

the TSS is almost 1/2 of the week prior which makes sense.

however, i noticed all the rides are z2 (about 63% to 70%(highest) of FTP.

I guess I’m asking if this week might be too hard. Should the rides be more recovery (sub 56% ftp)?

or have most people recovered fine from 5 hard weeks prior with these z2 rides?


It is recovery from the SS and O/U work but not full recovery - or you CTL would drop to much - it works - the first few days of a recovery week still feel pretty tough (if you have been working hard the previous 5 weeks) but by Fri/Sat you should start to feel good and ready for the next phase…trust the plan - it has always been like that for me! :grinning:


Listen to your body. If you need to dial back a workout you can, don’t worry about your CTL dropping significantly or losing fitness—it won’t. Nows the time to realize the load (gains!) from the previous 5 weeks! Nail the recovery week and get ready for Base 2!

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They’ve mentioned this in podcast that Recovery Week isn’t meant to feel “good” until the end, right before you get into the next training block.

I’ve skipped the Tuesday workout entirely on more than one occasion.

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I’ve always had better success using recovery level workouts like Pettit -1 or Lazy Mountain during recovery weeks. I think the prescribed workouts are definitely too much intensity on average, but it’s something that varies person to person.

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