Recovery week after rest week

Hi everyone, I’m in a bit of a dilemma on how I should tackle the remainder of my training plan.

I’m on a low-volume Climbing Road Race, currently in the Specialty phase. I’m coming back from 2 weeks with no training as I’ve been on a sailing trip, and the plan has a recovery week next week. Should I follow the recovery week? I don’t think I have training stress that I should recover from. I think I would be better off it I use TrainNow to do some climbing-specific workouts instead.

Any thoughts?

No just skip this recovery, there is no reason to include this now.
How long was there between the sailing trip and the planned recovery? just 1 week? In that case just pick some stuff from train now and you can follow the plans further after that.

( I’m doing the same, 2 weeks off during holiday, 1 week getting back slowly, replacing planned recovery and continue with the plan untill the A event oct 3rd)

Yes, just one week between the trip and recovery week. Thanks for the reply, will use TrainNow then.