Broken Gardener

1 hr 30 mins of Lion Rock scheduled today. As a gardener, my job is the physical most days but yesterday was particularly so. 6 hours on the tools, a bad night’s sleep and my upper body is sore this morning.

Shall I just get on the turbo and stop whining? Or shall I think about toning today down?

(I have been rained off so no physical work today)

If you dont feel ok take a rest, do the workout other day… Swap with a less intensity workout or just do a short recovery ride… Thats what I’d do…


There’s a few options, but you could:
skip the workout and rest today if tired
dial back the intensity
Start the workout and see how it goes
Move the workout to another day

From the sounds of what you said, it might be worth moving the workout to another day and having today as complete rest.

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Cheers muchly. I’ll probably take your learned advice and reschedule. Maybe later I’ll do A short endurance with sprints.

Damn I’m glad I was paid well for yesterday’s gardening efforts. Is TR you manning on adding a GSS score to the calendar :upside_down_face: