Days to workout?

Which days do you guys schedule your workouts? I’m currently doing the mid volume sweetspot with Monday and Friday as the rest days. My thought for this is to have a rest day after a weekend of riding, but if I rest on Monday it’s fairly easy for life to get in the way another day, does it make more sense to have Monday Tuesday rides after a weekend of riding with a planned Wednesday rest day and if life is busy easy in the week have Wednesday be a catch up day?

A lot depends on what your weekends look like. Are you doing the scheduled weekend rides indoors or substituting them for outdoor rides? If you are doing both weekend rides indoors, I think a rest Monday is a good idea. If you are doing both weekend rides outdoors, then it depends. How do you normally feel on a Monday? Are you usually feeling fresh and eager for some intensity? For me personally, I’m fatigued on Monday. I’ll often do an easy recovery ride on Monday just to get the legs moving, but I can’t consistently do 3 high intensity workout days in a row.

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