Recovering from major illness Legionella induced Pneumonia )

hi folks was very hesitant to post this but I need some opinions.A little History.on August 11 I was admitted to the Hospital with Bilateral pneumonia. At that time I had only 20 precent lung capacity. O2 level was below 75. Yes I walked into the emergency room( Doc was impressed.The morning of the 12 I was intubated and basically put into a coma where i stayed for the next 3 weeks.While under I lost 30+ pounds and 13+ was muscle.I was released from ICU to rehab on August 31 spent a week there and was sent home to finish recovery.On September 12 doctors gave me the ok to start riding with the instructions to keep heart rate below max. On Oct 12 he gave me permission to start swimming and add more biking and to start working part time… So now for what I need input on. Did ramp test did cut it shorter that I would have normally as heart rate went above my calculated max Not my true max but doctor wants to look at my files so I stopped.As of now I do not have any races planned for next summer as I’m not sure how this off season is going to go. My plan is to do Traditional Base for 4 weeks see how that goes and if it goes well go sweet spot low. Then progress from there. so why does ever one think

Trainer road guys I know that you monitor the forum and if you so desire you may use this on the pod cast.

Two side notes during all of this My FTP dropped buy 55% which is a bummer but at least I can still ride

And the biggest thing I would like to Share is Legionella is out there> I’m in the Construction Field nd the cdc visited every job I was on Prior to getting sick and could not find the virus.They told my family that it Probably came from work but could have also came from riding through a puddle and either breathing the mist or getting the mist on bottle and then drinking out of it. So guys and Gals be careful out there…