Recording indoor temperature

Are any of you guys recording indoor temperature during a workout? How are you accomplishing this? usb thermometer, head unit? Also what software are you utilizing to view the data?

I record using my bike computer.


My head unit records it but I also have a small, stand-alone temperature and humidity sensor. I manually add both data points to the post-ride comments field in TrainingPeaks, but you could put it in TR’s ride notes.

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I quite often run my head unit in parallel to TR it records temperature.


I dual record and Garmin syncs to TrainingPeaks. The TR workout stays on TR. It’s not perfect or ideal but TR does not show all data (like temp, left/right balance, etc). All master data for rides is stored on TrainingPeaks/WKO, Garmin, and local backup on computer.


Thanks everyone! Looks like I’ll start dual recording with my head unit. I do treat TP as my master data collector in where I track my sleep, weight and other workouts. Appreciate it!

Since I run Zwift in parallel with TR, and dual (triple?) record on Garmin here’s my setup.

TR --> TR and Strava (private account so I can get the TR graphic)
Garmin --> Garmin Connect
Zwift --> TP and Strava

I manually grab the TR workout graphic from the private Strava account and add it to the images for my public-facing Strava account. I manually add temperature and humidity from my stand-alone sensor to TP (I also record sleep, sleep quality, weight, and other notes on how I’m feeling). I also add any ride notes to TP. If I fail or bail on a workout I will add a short reason to the TR notes as well, primarily for the TR admins as I’ve heard that they do look at completion rates and constantly improve their plans.

I opted to send the Zwift workout to my main Strava account because I like having the map, distance, and elevation, even if it is all just virtual. For me, I’ve found that humidity has a larger impact on my workouts than temperature, so since my Garmin head unit doesn’t record humidity indoors there isn’t really a benefit of having that go to my main Strava account.

Yes, it’s kind of a clunky setup, especially with separate Strava accounts, but I’ve found that if I try to send Zwift and TR (and Garmin) all to the same account, Strava will flag one or more as a duplicate workout and not upload it.

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FWIW, head units are notoriously inaccurate for temp readings…at least outdoors. Dunno about indoors. I’d recommend using a cheap table top thermometer to at least cross-reference your head unit.

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I thinking about a way to record temp and humidity perhaps via a USB sensor. Gotta load up my old Perfpro to see if it records that data. I would like to see temp and humidity increase over time and how that relates to my workout. For example, is this HR decoupling or just really hot in here?

You guys have given me really good ideas though! The second strava account is a great idea, as I also run Zwift with TR. Always was torn between which workout to keep, see what workout I did vs the Zwift strava segments. Thanks!

Totally agree about outdoors, a hot sunny day and my computer will record 90+F when actual temp is 5-8 degrees lower.

I’ve got two thermometers in the garage, and the bike computer is pretty accurate when the sun is beating down on it.

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