Garmin Connect Tweeks?

I wonder if anyone could chime in with optimal TR/Garmin Connect tweeks? TR appears to be importing the essential data; but Garmin Connect doesn’t seem to give “credit” for everything. Specifically, it doesn’t give me mileage credit for challenges (even though miles are shown under “Cycling Activities”). My Activity also isn’t updating the 7-day Load, even though the Exercise Load is calculated (and VO2max is updating). I’m also not getting a “Training Benefit”. I can live without all this (although I’ll miss participating in Challenges), but if there are tweeks to help, that would be nice to know about.

My set-up: Keiser m3i, Garmin HRM-Pro, TR running on iPad. I also have a FR945; but TR doesn’t seem to like me running that as a separate connection, and it hasn’t seemed necessary because everything uploads to Connect. The TR workouts are loading to Connect as an Indoor Cycling Activity.

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Garmin connect does not count virtual miles anymore for challenges unless you use tacx training app which means you also need a tacx product. That changed around 6 months ago.

You could record on your garmin if you have a speed sensor I think still but not 100% sure on that one.

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Got it, thanks. It’s odd that the Loads are calculating (based off the HRM-Pro), but not updating anything. Like I said though, that’s all “fun to know” info, but not anything I hang my hat on for training.

Yeah you need to record with a garmin product get the stats outside of the challenges thing.

For a while when I was on zwift I was dual recording from the kickr to my garmin head unit and to zwift on my computer. Garmin gave me metrics when I did that. Didn’t really give me anything valuable, so I stopped

Thanks for the input. Bottom line for my specific issue, I can’t dual record from the Keiser computer (new model) to the Garmin FR-945, and from Keiser to TR; which would solve the missing data problem. I’m not smart enough to understand why this is. I used to dual record from Keiser to 945, and Keiser to mPaceline; so I can only reach the conclusion this is a TR shortcoming related to the Keiser computer. It could be solved by adding power pedals because that would eliminate the need for the Keiser computer. But that’s a hefty investment to simply include the Garmin 7-day Training Load, Load Focus, 7-day Training Load, miles in challenges, and Training Effect.

Training load still comes through for me… only training effect is missing

Slightly different set up for me.

I get TR recording on my iPad and then a few minutes into the indoor ride I start my vivosmart. It seems to record all the data fine then.

Previously if I tried starting my watch and then the iPad, it just wouldn’t pick up anything.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try. Are you using a Keiser, or are we talking oranges and pears?

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I’m getting Exercise Load, but not the 7-Day Load. And the Training Effect is wonky. Yesterdays 90-minute ride was decidedly NOT a VO2max ride (Mono).

Sorry, different setup, I’ve got a cyclops wheel on trainer.

But took me a few frustrated starts to work out that I needed to get TR app happy with my sensors, and on my way, before I tried starting any activity on my watch.

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