Combine TR Strava info with Garmin head unit info

Is there a way I can sync my TR workout and the workout info from my Garmin head unit. I like that TR shows the workout I did but I want to show all the graphed info from my Garmin as well.


Are you asking for the info to be compiled in the completed TR workout page?

What specific info do you want graphed?

Wow it’s Coach Chad!!! Love the Podcast and Tr in general. Basically I want to be able to look closer at the image TR puts into strava. The info is there I just want numbers to go along with it and be able to look closer. So all the graphs I get from a normal ride outside that’s through the Garmin syncing. I have been just starting and stopping my Garmin during indoor rides but then there are two different rides synced to strava at the same time. The TR ride and the Garmin ride.

I want those following me on Strava to be able to see numbers and graphs for heart rate power cadence. One person in particular really.

Nope, I’m not Coach Chad. He is Chad Timmerman (@ chad on the forum).

I am just an active forum member and moderator.


@mcneese.chad is our local forum hero, but Coach Chad’s username is just @ chad :wink:

If your TrainerRoad is properly paired to your Cadence and Heart Rate monitor, this information should show up in the “View Analysis” section of the exported TrainerRoad workout. It should look exactly the same as when the workout uploads from your Garmin.

For example, the data in these charts were exported to Strava straight from TrainerRoad:

Are you pairing all of your sensors to TrainerRoad? Or are you only pairing your sensors to your Garmin head unit?

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Haha I just recognized the name from lurking around the forum and thought it was Coach. Thank you anyway for all you do here!

Sorry been on shift all night. I only have the Favero Assioma uno and heart rate strap. Both paired to TR over Bluetooth on my phone then ant+ to the Garmin edge 500.

Here’s all I get once TR uploads the workout to Strava.

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Could you send a link to this workout?

Not a problem on the Chad/Chad mixup. It happens all the time and I just want people to know that I’m not him :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Your screen shot is just the initial picture that TR adds to the Strava ride. It is not the analysis tool, and just meant as a snapshot of the ride.

  2. You need to read the instructions from Bryce above, and get into the “Analysis” section of the Strava ride review (see pic):

Okay I was not paying for summit on Strava before. I just started a free trial and everything came up. Honestly though it’s because when it’s an outside ride synced from the Garmin to Strava all the graphs etc. come up when I click on the map image of the ride. When I click on the image of a TR ride it is just the image. I have to click the name of the workout to get into the info…so I’m an idiot and have wasted your time. Thank you so much for your help. It means a lot to someone just getting back on the bike. It can be frustrating getting back up to speed with everything that’s changed with training in the last ten years.


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For clarity, I am not a paying Strava member, and the graphs I shared are part of the free Strava use. They are visible to anyone that can view your rides/workouts too (covered via the privacy settings in Strava). So you should be able to share a link and have them review the graphs like we shared here.

This was not a waste of time and you are not an idiot. There are so many different ways to access info and different apps make it easier than others. I know others will see this and learn from it as well.

I know that I am here to help with issues just like this and I think Bryce and the other TR crew are happy to help as well. We want people to learn from all that we have to share.

Keep the questions coming so we can help you get the most from your training. :smiley:

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No worries at all Mike, that’s what the forum is for! Glad we could clear things up a bit and get you up and running :ok_hand:

And just a side note, other people should be able to see your data regardless of if you (or they) have Strava Summit or not. I believe it is only your own information behind a pay-gate.

Cheers, and as always, feel free to reach out if you ever have any more questions :slight_smile:


You shouldn’t need summit to get the Analysis graphs. I’ve never paid for it and I’ve gotten them since I signed up for strava 2 years ago. The screenshot you showed with the TR workout summary picture is because you clicked on the picture. If you click on the workout name you’ll go into the workout details.

This is unlike the TR webpages/app where clicking the workout summary picture actually opens the workout. Basically, pretend the TR workout summary pictures are actually selfies you took at the peak of some mountain or another – you’d expect to see the picture in a large view.

Yes I figured that out after starting the free trial. I probably won’t end up paying for it now but I’ve got a month to decide. Thanks for the help!

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Thanks so much!

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