Recommended Books / Reading Thread

I added the Amazon based links to both books in the OP. I hope that is OK, since it is consistent with the others I have added. I see no problem with your links here, but wanted to match the other info I already applied.


Great read on how time crunched athletes can become faster cyclist. I actually read this before purchasing a TrainerRoad subscription. Written by the owner of CTS.

The engineer in me has to request the addition of Wilson. It’s a classic for engineering nerds.


Bicycling Science, 4th edition, David Gordon Wilson; Theodor Schmidt; Jeremy J M. Papadopoulos (contrib.), The MIT Press.

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I got this and the one above added in the OP.

I didn’t realize they had a 4th Ed of the BS book! I need to get that now, as I had the 3rd Ed on my wish list. Thanks so much for sharing :smiley:


Yeah, I realized it when searching to answer this thread. I read what I believe was the 2nd edition way back when I did my engineering BSc final design project (a hydraulic transmission, composite structure bike, of all things).

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Ha, that’s awesome. I dreamed of a fluid trans while in college too!

This book is outstanding - I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thanks for sharing your wisdom @Dr_Alex_Harrison !


Thank you!!!

PS. @mcneese.chad, Michelle Howe should now have “RD” after her name in the title, if that’s an update you’re willing to make! (RD = Registered Dietitian)

Copy that. I set a reminder to fix it tomorrow, when I’m in PC (way to hard on mobile for that massive list).

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