Recommend resistance training plan at home

I find it really difficult to pick through the various off-bike resistance training resources to find a reasonable plan that can be done at home without a huge investment in equipment.

I have a 12kg kettle bell, some basic dumbbells and a soft mat right now. I have plenty of space in the garage and I’m willing to invest in a little more equipment like a basic bench etc but I don’t want to turn it into a full blown gym

I’m kinda hoping there’s a guide/plan somewhere that focuses on this kinda basic home gym setup. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Have you checked out Dialed Health?

They have strength training plans focused on cycling. Their plans are set up for a range of equipment. I am currently on the Kettlebell Plan and loving it.

Trainerroad had a podcast with the owner last summer.


I highly recommend gymnastics rings for the upper body, super cheap, highly versatile, very effective workouts and easy to store even in places with little room

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Wukarfit offers at home routines with equipment, minimal equipment or just resistance bands.

He’s got quite the clientele too.

Can you share more about your experiences? I’m interested, but the website is a bit coy on details (for understandable reasons). How long do workouts take on average? How many kettlebells do you need? Does the progression take rest weeks into account?

The workouts take around 45-60 minutes. You can get by with one kettlebell. Having another heavier bell would be better, but we each work with what we have. I am guessing you would get 90% of the benifit with just one kettlebell.

Generally each program has two or three workouts that you repeat for a four week wave. It is up to you to choose the weight for each workout. So if you want to scale back for a recovery week decrease weight or Reps that week.

Hope that helps

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When I got tired of going to the gym and waiting for equipment (pre-covid), I bought a squat/bench rack with a rowing/pulldown attachment, an Olympic bar, about 200lbs or so of plates, an adjustable incline bench, and dumb bell pairs up to 35lbs. I’m not a young pup anymore and can’t lift what I used to, so that has been plenty.

I generally follow friel’s plan for masters. I’m all about staying consistent and conservative. My days of attempting 1 rep maxes are done!

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I was in the same place you are. I tried Dialed Health and it’s the only thing that has stuck for me. I’m not a big fan of strength workouts at all and always had problems consistently doing it. Using Dialed Health I’m consistent with twice a week for 30 - 40 minutes each time. I have no problems doing the Low Volume plans while adding a z2 day with the DH workouts.

I started with the Body Weight program then went through the single band workouts 2x a week on a rotation that Derek Teel recommended for a month or so before I bought some dumbbells. Then I completed the dumbbell program and I’m now working my way through the off season road program (modifying some things as I don’t have all the equipment needed, I.e. using dumbbells instead of barbell).


Thanks, that looks ideal. I’ve signed up!

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I keep it simple and really like it - Apple fitness app and two adjustable dumbbells.

Well I did my first dialled health kettlebell workout this evening.

12kg seemed like the right weight if I could have only one. A bit challenging on the easier movements and hard but not impossible on harder ones (I’ve always struggled with shoulders!)

My goodness, kettlebell flow is a tricky one. I think I needed an 8kg to nail the movement for that first, but oh well!

Thanks again for the recommendation!

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When it comes to flow, I think Derek must have been a breakdancer when he was young. The man does some moves on the floor that he makes looks so easy, and yet I have to rewind 5 times just to understand what he did! :rofl:

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