Wukarfit, Socalbikept, Dialed health...?

Hello, I was looking for an online, workout routine(s) with a cycling focus.
I have come across dialed health, wukarfit, socalbikept.
Does anyone have any feedback on these or others?
I would prefer it NOT to be subscription based (which is why dialed health’s model is not what I am looking for).
Not that this matters necessarily but I am of “masters” age so if the program had a slant that way it may be appealing, all else being equal.
Thank you for any feedback you have.

Why do you not want a subscription? I would go with dialed health, seems like the most versatile option. He has a ton of videos on offer, and if you want the workouts forever then just write them down. He also talks about form in the videos, not just a training plan.

Other issue with dialed health for me is too much, choice I recall, dumbbell only, kettlebell only, body weight, gym, core, road,…
One basic, holistic plan would be easier for me to manage I think.

Socalbike depot is great! I rotate t the “bike body strength program” only thing is it doesn’t have specific upper and lower body, it’s all core work. I can say I feel way stronger in that region.


thanks @Foodpedaling , Good to know about socalbikept, I was hoping it would be both strength and core.

I started off 2021 with a 12-week WUKAR bodyweight strength training plan and then after completing that, I signed up for Dialed Health and I’ve been doing kettlebell and single band workouts while I debate how much of a home gym I want to attempt to assemble (knowing that we’re moving in 2 months, but not knowing exactly where).

They are both better than not strength training, and I don’t have a problem recommending either of them. I backed down my TR volume from mid volume to low volume+ plans (add 1 day of endurance or active recovery spinning each week) and added in 2 days a week of strength training.

As a 42 year old who is warming to the idea of “masters” racing, I lost about 5lbs and 2% bodyfat since January (143lbs to 138lbs, 18% to 16%). I feel more stable and powerful on the bike, even though I’m riding less. Not sure how it’s affecting my FTP because work has been crazy for the last 4 months and just getting SSBI workouts in was too much at some points and there were weeks I just noodled around in active recovery mode to keep the consistency.

The WUKAR workout plan was delivered through the TrainHeroic app, and it was nice to check off sets and reps as I did them. I felt like the ramp rate was good to take me from “zero strength training” to “able to do strength training.”

I felt annoyed when I ran into the occasional workouts that required equipment I didn’t have, or using things around the house that weren’t their intended purpose (like Ikea step stools for step ups and box jumps-sketchy). Also, the video consistency of the workout demonstrations leaves something to be desired. Overall though, it was a good training plan.

I joined Dialed Health to try something different with the intention of doing the dumbbell only plan, since those are heavier than bodyweight only (and more is better, right?). Then I found out that the recommended equipment is an adjustable dumbbell set (vs borrowing my wife’s 10lb pair), that isn’t in-stock anywhere.

So I emailed Derrick, and he recommended doing some Kettlebell workouts (I have a kettlebell!) and some bands and doing some one-off workouts until I get some heavier things to lift.

The workouts seem harder than the WUKAR workouts (I could not do all four circuits on my first attempt at multiple workouts, but I’m doing better now that I’m revisiting them for a second time), but don’t leave me too wrecked to put in a good TR workout the next day.

The video quality and consistency is way higher with Dialed vs WUKAR/TrainHeroic. Dialed gives you the option to do a guided workout (one long video, around 45 minutes or so), or doing an individual workout (short clip to demo the move) where you can log all your reps and the weight you used.

I was hesitant to go with a subscription model as well, but I think there’s enough content to justify the expense. Plus, if I was going to buy multiple one-off plans to get through a full year of training, the cost isn’t significantly different.

Equipment-wise, I wish there was some sort of infographic for every plan (DIALED and WUKAR) that says "You’ll need X, Y, Z… or if you don’t have X, you can get most of the benefit with this other thing that’s almost as good.


At 47 yrs old… I have tried a few different (off bike) coaches, training plans… and a year ago decided to try Dialed Health. It is the only one I’ve stuck to now, as with my health issues, some days I’m too fatigued for Kettle Bell workouts, or to continue on my DialedHealth Calendar with the Road Program… so I’ll choose one of his Core workouts, or the Ab Isolation instead. On days that are really bad I’ll just do his Roller workouts just to release some tension. In the end… it is similar to TrainerRoad where you can have a calendar, pick from a ton of options… and change as needed. I need that flexibility as I never know how I’ll be feeling each day. For all the options, and customization to your riding or day needs, I’d go with DialedHealth


I tried some of socalbikept’s workouts and ended up tweaking something in my hip/lower back because my form wasn’t correct. I ended up going to a local PT and they had me basically doing the same exercises, but having someone there to watch my form and help me correct was really the way to go for me. Also, just having an appointment I had to go to made me do the exercises, so that was a bonus.

Good information and feedback.
My other concern with Dialed are the “programs” in that they are 8 weeks but none fit my situation ideally. I wish there was a “basic” equipment home program (vs dumbbell only, bodyweight only, full gym free weights required, …).
I want more than body weight only exercises but I don’t have a full gym/free weights. I have some dumbbells, a couple kettlebells, elastics, box, med ball.
I do see the separate one off kettlebell workouts which may work, but again they are kettlebell only. They are also not part of a plan and progression. Does anyone know if these workouts, 1-5 are a progression or are they just random, do whichever one you want in any order for variety?
Again, it would be convenient if there as a program that took advantage of some “basic” home equipment that most people might have (however, I understand everyone can be in a different situation).
Mayeb I am being too picky :slight_smile:
Oh, I didn’t mention “masters” either to the wish list as well.

Mindpumpmedia.com has a great at home program called “anywhere”. They don’t make workouts for endurance athletes in mind it’s more for a broad audience of people trying to get stronger in General. They have their own podcast which is a really good listen if you’re interested in all strength training stuff. Programs are pretty pricey, then again most strength training programs are but they have a video for every move. Some their other programs give you an at home option too. I actually owned five of their programs. I currently do a hybrid of their performance one.

I apologize if that is hacked up as I am doing speak to text at work right now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Big fan of socalbikept, I’ve done his bike body strength programme.

I suspect my glutes were perhaps catastrophically weak. But it’s made such as difference to my riding and general posture & flexibility. I love that he explains why you are doing everything, he teaches you - but not in silly PT language.


(He gives away nearly everything for free on Insta & his podcast too. The paid programme just brings it all together)


I’m in my second round of going through the Dialed single band and kettlebell workouts (one of each per week).

I haven’t noticed a progression, and it feels like the first workouts are harder, but that could just be because I haven’t been working out with bands or kettlebells (maybe I should do them from 5 to 1 instead of 1 to 5?).

It feels like each workout is designed to be a complete workout that achieves a goal (based on whatever formula trainers use), even though I don’t know what the goal is. And the different workouts seem to “light up” different muscle groups (glutes and shoulders yesterday, probably something else in the next one).

I’m looking forward to trying one of the programs once I get access to more equipment. Having more of a progression seems like it would be more optimal, but at this point, I’m untrained enough (strength-wise) that consistently doing something is noticeably better than not doing anything (which was the plan on I was on before this year).

I think Dialed has a short trial, so you could poke around “under the hood” and check out the workouts to see if there’s enough in there to justify the subscription.


good suggestion @simplejj , I may wait until October then to try Dialed so I can and will actually make use of the free trial. I don’t want to waste it now while I am not really allocating any time to strength training.

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FYI socalbikept got a 21% off code “BWR21” that ends 25th July

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