A Question to Home Gym Owners

Was it worth the investment?

I’m considering dishing out some $$$ to get setup with a proper olympic lifting setup at home. I love olympic weightlifting but I’m wondering if it’s better to do it at home or at a Gym (about 10 minute drive away) once they finally re-open.

For those who invested in a home gym, why did you do it? And was it worth it for you?

I think a lot of it will depend on your life and how busy you are. I used to go to the gym 3x a week plus 5-6 rides a week and it was tough to squeeze it all in with work and being a Dad to two young kids.

When the pandemic first hit and my gym shut down I started buying equipment and have over the past year built a pretty sweet setup at home. At this point I could not imagine going back to a gym. Nothing to do with the pandemic, but the time savings and convenience have totally sold me on the concept of working out at home.


I guess you have to add up the cost of equipment and compare it to the cost of travel to the gym and the membership. I was gonna join my local gym but they ended up closing so I did the math and just bought a basic power rack, a new barbell, some used dumbbells, and a pile of used weights… ended up spending around 700$ I think… would have got me around 18 months at the local gym. I bought all my stuff before the pandemic and was glad I did. My partner quit her gym and uses my stuff instead which is nice. For some people getting out of the house and going to gym is easier than working out at home, but I found it was easier for me to work out at home, though I do miss having the sauna.


100% worth it


There is a social aspect to the gym that some people might miss, so consider that. I love having a home gym and don’t miss having to leave home to do a workout. When I did do a workout in a gym a couple of weeks ago I was really annoyed by having to wait for equipment, none of that at home.

Everyone has different calculations, but I’m happy I bought the rack, barbell and rubber plates before Christmas this year.

I have a gym at the office, but since I’m only in the office 1 week on, 1 week telework, now, even when the employer told me I could use the gym again, it was less than consistent. I’m starting to build my squat and deadlift consistency back. There are things I have to remove from the ceiling before I get any pullup routine built. I still need to buy a bench to get the BP back consistently.

I’d like to get a jump box and maybe a KB or three, but for now I’m happy. I second all of the “commute to workout” commentary you’ll find. Its a lot easier to tell my wife I’m headed to the garage for a half hour than to tell her I need to drive 10 minutes, workout for 30 and drive home 10 minutes. Its way easier to sneak in a 5x5 type program than it was at work at lunch, before or after work hours when there were other things competing for my time.

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Began building out a home gym in January of 2020 in an effort to find some “work life harmony” (I work in a performance training center, so lifting/training myself has always kept me at work an extra hour or two per day). Then COVID hit the US in March and boy did I luck out having my equipment already.

Since then I have built it out because I absolutely love having it. Can fit in training sessions whenever I’d like/am able to, don’t have to leave the dog alone longer to train, etc. Well worth it.


Agree with all the above. I spent around 18 months gym membership on home kit, and was glad I did. A few benefits:

Consistent workouts
The gym is always open
No waiting for kit
Clean equipment
Ready racked weights
No meatheads
Chalk is allowed
Awesome music always on
Equipment I want to use (e.g. slam balls)
I can do yoga and bodyweight exercises next to the power racks - don’t have to go to a separate area.
No dress code - want to squat in bib shorts and no Tee? Go for it!

Paradoxically, I’ve rejoined my local gym - want to use the pool, and I like the treadmills - can’t afford either of those! I still use my home gym for strength work though.

The only downside is my power rack and bench is clearly weaker than commercial grade stuff, but at the weights I use, this isn’t a serious consideration.


Completely worth it. I have a bike, treadmill, and big tv along with simple weights and stretch cords. Getting the early morning workout in is much easier and the double days are far more compliant without the travel.

My wife doesn’t miss the dining room either :wink:


1000x yes.

  1. Lifting during boring con calls (weights are lighter when you are being paid to lift them, its science)
  2. Able to break main work and accessory stuff to different parts of the day when needed.
  3. Barefoot lifting! Shirtless lifting and riding!
  4. Leave the deadlift bar setup with at least your warmup weight, no waiting for equipment. Without random setup time you can get sooo much more work in an hour.
  5. Superset everything. This may be the biggest win for me. A workout would take forever if I had to, like, share equipment with other people.

I will say it went from pretty great to ideal when I added a real cable machine to the cage and free weights. The cable setup built into some cages works but the setup and teardown times are not ideal and the weight swings around, etc. Good cage/bars/plates, good adjustable dumbbells, a place to DL and the cable machine really covers most everything. Setting up your cage to leave the squat bar setup inside, arms to bench in front and deadlift behind it without tearing it down is an amazing luxury that does not cost much more if you have the space to leave stuff setup permanently.


If I could put weights in my pain cave, I would (no space). However, I would wait 6 months to see what gets put on the used market. People get tired of the stuff and you should be able to start picking up gear for a lot less than new soon. Especially as places open back up and folks return to their previous lifestyles.

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Love it! Same here, just don’t tell my co-workers!!

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I did it partly because gyms were shut with covid and I like to lift (in my 40s so strength work is important for general health, and I’ve always preferred lifting to just body weight stuff). Partly because my local gym is quite expensive and includes a nice pool, classes, squash courts etc which I don’t use. And partly because that gym is a 10 minute walk away, which doesn’t sound like much but was often the difference between squeezing in a quick session and not bothering.

For me it’s been absolutely worth it. Basic setup of rack, bench, Olympic bar, a decent range of plates and a pull up bar set me back about the same as annual gym membership, so it pays for itself in a year. And because it’s right there and I can lift while the kids are doing their homework, or between meetings, or while waiting for a delivery, or while keeping an eye on something I’m cooking, it’s super time efficient and I’m more consistent with my lifting than I have been in years. Plus never having to wait for somebody else to finish their set! I was lucky in that I already had the space in my garage and already had concrete floor with heavy duty rubber mats, so relatively small outlay.

Another vote for totally worth it. I had most of what I have from before an did some 5x5 but then it fell by the wayside for indoor cycling. Feeling a little burned out on that I went back to exclusively strength this winter. My son got a few extra pieces last summer preparing for a college lacrosse season that never happened, and added a deadlift platform. Only limiting factor is can’t do overhead work standing. Might invest in some additional bumper plates.

I was never one to go to a gym so the convenience of walking to the basement when I want and all the advantages of having it to myself are great. It has pretty much got through the past 14 months of working from home.

I’m glad I bought a power rack bar and weights, but that was in lockdown. No gyms and no pools, so no reason for gym membership. My son lifted with me for a while last summer too. So yes it was worth it.

If I had to make the decision now, not so clear a choice. If the gym is close and affordable, you save space and get out of the house - these things may be more or less important to you.

My social skills being what they are, I’ve been training in my basement forever. Nothing like the setups you see above (my trainer, a treadmill, some dumbbells, a few other things). I joined a club a couple of years ago for spinning classes to do them with my wife - hated it. My wife joined me in the basement as her gym closed, and I think I have a new convert.

So yes, 100% worth it. Unless you’re a social animal and can’t think of working out without people around you.

I don’t have much space and went with a collection of kettlebells, dumbbells, and bands. During the off-season I go to the gym and use barbell and plyo equipment.

Totally worth it, if you use can integrate it in your cycling schedule.
When I bought it, it was tough for me to do MV Plans and additional strength training. That was just too much intensity. Since I changed some things a bit and the plans became easier, I do a basic strength routine 2x/week (squats, bench press and barbell rows / deadlift, pull ups, military press).

I bought the equipment new at decathlon for under 350€ (around 1€/kg). Since I don’t throw the barbell around like CrossFit monsters, and do squats with just 80kg (still beginner), I won’t need the expensive stuff from Rogue (I will probably never reach the weight limits of the barbell or the rack).

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Question - I have a (almost) 15 year old son who wants to lift heavy things, he doesn’t want to join my Gym, which I am okay with.

He said he wants a set of dumbbells for his upcoming birthday - any recommendations?