Recommend a cycling sunscreen - UK/Euro

Anyone recommend a good option please - ideally a global brand or something I’m likely to find in the UK.

I’ve been using P20 spf30 and its ok on the body but i find it runs and gets in your eyes if you use it on your face and it smells pretty grim. Looking for something else around spf 30. Is there anything else that lasts well for those longer rides and days out?

< cue jokes about no need for sunscreen in the UK > :laughing::cloud_with_rain::open_umbrella:

I’ve used this stuff for years:

Really quick to apply and, in my experience at least, sweat-proof enough that I’ve never been burnt even on long Summer UK rides.

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Thats the stuff I’ve used on my last to trips abroad (Tenerife and Calpe) and for me it has worked great :+1:

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After trying many brands (I have sensitive eyes regarding sweat/sunscreen) I have made good experiences with Skinnies and recently Hawaiian Tropic, both SPF 50. Not sure if/how my experiences translate to other people…

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Cycling sunscreen? Do you run disc or rim brakes?


Have to say that I swear by P20. I have fair skin so I opt for the Factor 50.

I have never had it run into my eyes though. Do you apply it to your forehead? Whilst cycling and wearing a helmet, I don’t apply sunscreen to my forehead.


Lol, I don’t know which brand it was but I made that mistake years ago in Mallorca (sunscreen on the forehead). Climbing the Sa Collabra half blind isn’t advisable :joy:


Neutrogena, Beach Defense 50+. I live in southern California, but I’m imported from Seattle (similar climate to the UK), so sunscreen is a must. I use both the stick and the spray. The spray is just for my scalp. The stick is also nice to bring with me for anything where I need to reapply. It is small enough and alleviates any concern about a spill or greasy hands going downhill. I’m a heavy sweater and have never had any issues with my eyes using this. It is also clear so I haven’t had the reflection in the eyes issue.

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Ultrasun Sports range

Can’t recommend this highly enough. Seen me good for years through some hot Alps trips


+1 for ultrasun. Mega money, but you only need to apply once a day and it actually works!

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Thanks all - lots f recommendations as I expected. Will check a couple out.

Noticed Aldi have just introduced a dry mist spray spf 30 or 50 so may try that and look for something for my Dolomites trip in a few weeks. Will need some all-day protection for that I suspect.

I use arm and knee sleeves (and grew my hair long again) to reduce the need for sunscreen but in all my ultras I’ve carried a little bottle of this stuff…

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Hippy by name…


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Do you ever use this and then get in the car? I ask because I once used an SPF 50 that ended up staining everything my arms touched in the car and it’s caused me to never use a 50 again. I’d love to find one that doesn’t stain.

I used P20 in the past but it leaves me feeling constantly oily and turns whatever you’re wearing yellow.

I also use Garnier Ambre Solaire, just the Hydra 24 stuff. For me its apply once in the morning and I’m good for the whole day (which is saying a lot as I’m a very fast burner if I have no sunscreen on!).


100%. I wear contacts when it’s sunny, so don’t put anything near / above my eyes. Get a hat and you’re sorted and no chance of running into eyes.

As long as you get it fully dry before you dress & start sweating it’s perfect.

Well yeah, it was the long hair in school that got me the nickname. Before TransAm 2018 I thought “ooh, if I had long hair again, I won’t need to put sunscreen on my neck or ears, etc”. Probably is now the hair is annoying so I tie it back for most rides, defeating its original purpose :slight_smile:

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No issues with any type of staining that I have noticed and I drive to/from trailheads frequently. The sheer mineral based ones I tried did that though, which is part of the draw to the clear.

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I got a given a few bottles of Pelotan through work. Seems like good stuff, haven’t got burnt and smells like coconut…

I like the sound of all-day protection for those long rides - thanks. Will search out a bottle.