Eczema and cycling - I need your help!

I know this is a very niche topic, but the TR community is huge and amazing, so there must be some others out there that have struggled with eczema and irritated skin through cycling.

I have been plagued over the last year by recurrent eczema flare ups, mainly due to the interaction with my saddle. My whole cycling routine is now solely devoted to skin-care (moisturising an hour before, applying lots of chamois cream, only wearing clean bibs, showering immediately after my ride and re-moisturising straight after) but this has not been enough to improve or even sustain the situation. I can use steroid creams or some time off the bike to help the situation, but this is only a temporary fix. Obviously with COVID at the moment its almost impossible to get a doctor’s appointment and referral to dermatology is likely to mean waiting a year for what is likely to be a telephone call.

I am really at my wits end and rapidly heading towards an extended period off the bike (likely several months) which may not even fix the situation, or even having to give up cycling all together.

Does anyone have any advice, experience, tips or ANYTHING they can share about their experiences with eczema or skin conditions and cycling, that could help. Any routines that have worked? brands you find work well etc?

I found just one related mention that might be worth a read, but far from complete.

Do you shave the legs?
I have some issues with acne on the legs and sometimes on the saddle/butt intersection. I have always associated with shaving and my liberal use of petroleum jelly for running (and porous clogging).

Sounds like you are doing the right things. Agree with the poster above about not shaving, or even trimming the the area contacting the saddle.

I have generally minor psoriasis and have some nagging up usually not too irritating spots in that area. A few other things that have helped me are

  • salt scrub in shower (sounds counterintuitive, but helps, especially prior to putting on a topical)

  • coal tar shampoo (tarsum has worked surprisingly well)

  • finding super airy underwear (like one of the mack weldon’s) or going commando - especially at bedtime

  • if you have a desk job, a chair that ventilates (or frequent standing), helps avoid swamp a$$

I have a long experience with eczema, which at it’s worst threatened my career as a General Surgeon. Two things I did which I think made a difference was to completely change my diet, eliminating grains and dairy. The other thing I did at the time was quit training and racing, to reduce the overall stress in life. I was able to continue working after a 9 month hiatus, and have since retired and taken up cycling again.

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