Favorite Sunscreen/Suncream

What is everyone using? Bonus points for non-spray and mineral based versions.

Are there any mineral based versions that don’t leave you looking like Casper the friendly ghost?

I use neutrogena 15+ moisturiser combo on my face and then go over my cheek bones and nose with a 50+ version. I also have a roll on stick a little bigger than a lipstick container. That I carry with me and apply on my face every 2 hours. My arms back of neck and knees I use an aerosol from trader joes.

Don’t forget to reapply at least every 2 hours. Remember spf means x times minutes you burn. A fair skinned person may burn in 5 min whereas I may burn in 20. Doesn’t matter what the math is once you’re over the 120 min is moot.

I prefer mineral based but this one my wife found doesn’t clog my pores. Very little sting if sweat drips in eyes.

I use Blue Lizard Sensitive 30 or 50. They also make a Sport version but I’m not sure about the difference.

For lips I use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula lip moisturizer SPF 15.

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Banana boat kids mineral. I’m very pale and it does not fail me. It’s white, but rubs in easily enough (though I do use tinted moisturizer on my face, usually).

I wish lightweight longsleeve jerseys were more of a thing. For endurance, I’ve taken to wearing an athleta UPF rash guard and storing food in pocketbibs instead… not ideal.

Any sort of spray. Of the stuff I’ve had anything clear seems to be best for cycling. I usually apply factor 30 for the sunny ride or two after that my skin seems to be strong enough. I think the last one I used was Pelotan. During my chemo I tended to cover up and use factor 50. Lol, growing up in Scotland I barely ever needed it :joy:

Not what you’re asking for, but as a very light skinned person who lived in North Carolina, I basically eventually got to the opinion of: If you are out for hours+, sweating, in direct sun, there’s not a sun cream on the market that I relied on. What ultimately worked SO WELL for me on the hottest days were very light arm and leg sleeves, cycling cap, etc.

I know that’s decidedly not what you asked for, but I basically gave up finding something that I truly trusted for 6 hours of sweating in the Carolina sun.


I use this …

I’m a heavy/salty sweater and this is the only sunscreen I’ve ever used that doesn’t turn me white, nor does it burn my eyes when the sweat-pump gets going.

It’s very expensive, but I only use it on my face and when I ride, so a bottle lasts a full summer. I’ve tried nearly EVERYTHING … nothing had the stay-on/non-sting factor that this one had.

Sunscreen in that Shisheido vs the Paula’s Choice I’ve been using:

Shisheido Paulas Choice
Avobenzone 2.3% 2.0%
Homosalate 10.0% -
Octinoxate - 7.5%
Octisalate 5.0% 5.0%
Octocrylene 5.0% 2.0%

Both homosalate and octinoxate show up in the safecosmetics.org website as potential endocrine disrupters. Going to read up some more.

:see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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@Cory.Rood my old mineral based standbys:

Honest Mineral is 19% zinc oxide, I think that one leaves me a lighter shade of pale

Vanicream is 5% titanium dioxide and 7% zinc oxide. Memory is a little fuzzy, I vaguely recall Vanicream not making me look too ghostly.

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Beyond pale person here - Am I the only anti-30+ SPF person? Anything over 30 just doesn’t spread well. Technically 50 doesn’t block much more than 30 (97 vs 98%), so it seems workability is more important from a strictly ray blocking perspective. 50 doesn’t seem to ever go clear and just fouls up your clothes too (also gets worked into your cars interior too if you put it on before driving). Overall- I’d rather roll in clay than apply any 50.

I still haven’t found one that doesn’t suddenly attack my eyes randomly.


:rofl: I don’t buy sunscreen, my wife does, so I’ll have to dig around to see if we have any 30 for comparison.

Thinksport is my current mineral sunscreen. It takes some work to rub in but is the best I’ve found lately that also lasts longer than a couple hours. Some of the mineral sunscreens seem to sweat off way too quickly.

Looks like Vanicream has reworked their formula to be ~12% zinc oxide now.

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Argh, another formula switcheroo without changing the name…

Elta MD Sport - best after testing numerous mineral sunscreens. However, not cheap.

Nutrogina Beach Defense Stick for races and long days out. Mineral based Sun Bum all other times.

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For those that are in Europe, your sunscreens are generally better.

Zealios: sun – zealios

I have this for both my skin and for my lips and it’s good stuff. Doesn’t seem to make me sweat more, goes on light, and the lib balm doesn’t have a bad taste. Plus they have 25% off at the moment.