Looking for non-oily, sticky sunscreen when riding, suggestions?

Sorry not sure what category to put this question, so nutrition seemed as good as any, so my apologies if this is out of place, but Iam looking for suggestions for non oily, sticky sunscreen when riding, everything I try sucks, it works of course for sun protection, but just want something that once applied doesn’t leave that oily feel or so stick, all the road debris gets stuck on your arms etc. Appreciate the feedback

I moved this into Equipment since I consider Nutrition about ingestion… which is clearly not advised for sunscreen :sunglasses:

And from quick search, here are some potential options (sorted newest to oldest) to review while waiting for responses:


I like Bare Republic sports version. Absorbs quickly, last a long time, good water resistance, and my skin tolerates it well, which is not a common attribute of most sunscreens.

I used to use Rocket Pure sunscreen but I guess they don’t make it anymore :frowning:

I would probably try and find a sunscreen with Zinc. They tend to leave your skin a bit whiter but stick better and are not oily like the usual brands. They are also better for the environment and your skin!

My go to at the beginning of early summer in Texas. After the first week i don’t need it.

Hawaiian tropic sheer touch lotion spf 15.
Apply 20 min before going out.

Kinesys. I use the zinc cream. Also use the spray but it gets used up too quickly.

Following to get sunscreen recommendations for the back of my neck, face, ears and back of my hands (no glove guy).

After my dermatologist has carved some atypical (but non-malignant) chunks from my skin I now wear a Giro SPF30 cap under my helmet, and wear LS SPF summer jerseys all summer long. My favorites are the team homage ones from Boure (made by Voler) Would love comments/ideas on other manufacturers that have some class to them (e.g. not white and not boring).

Edit: wow, had a sense of deja vu when I posted this, and now realized I had written something very similar ïn a long-sleeved jersey thread that has new responses. While sometimes oblivious at least I’m consistent🫣

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I’m using jerseys and sun sleeves from Amazon these days. Wish I would have used them 30 years ago!



If you can find them online (maybe Amazon?) give some Japanese products a try. Biore UV Aqua Rich is one of my favorites. It’s a big industry here for every day wear, not just for “sporty” types or people working outside. More of a beauty product I guess?

This Biore Sunscreen looks similar to what I buy here.

And this Nivea Sunscreen also looks similar to what I have used.

Unfortunately it is signficiantly more expensive. The Biore is 1,300 yen or ~ 8 USD in Japan.

Are you looking for a physical or chemical blocker? Whats your price range. And what kind of UV index are you riding in. How important is a true broad spectrum sunscreen to you.

Nivea products get my vote.

It is important to apply the sunscreen on dry skin well before going out. If applied on hot, sweaty skin any sunscreen will stay sticky and actually will not protect well.


Zinc is so critical https://youtu.be/U1iCZpFMYd0?si=uHF6_6fHrQK_oPVa

“Zinc, galvanize your face”
“Zinc, maintains steel and your sex appeal”

Nivea and Neutrogena. :person_shrugging:


If you’re UK based we use Life Guard. The daily moisturiser does give you a white tint but it doesn’t feel unpleasant on your face.

I like the Neutrogena dry touch

If you decide to use the thick zinc stuff, be careful with when you apply it. I used one once that stained the leather on the armrests in my car.

I have a hand print on my passenger seat thanks to that exact sunscreen

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My adventure vest is also stained in odd places for that reason.

One day I’ll stop loving white kit for the summer! After 16000 days mind you I don’t think that day is any time soon though!

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I like ultrasun sports gel, or la Roche posay anthelios. I find these 2 good as they don’t run off my skin when I sweat.