Reason for a Training Preseason

Hey Now,

I’ve heard on the podcast the poo-pooing of a training preseason. I disagree, I’m not too concerned about getting my ramp test result up (no matter what it is, it will always be a let down). However, I posit there are good reasons to have a pre-season prior structured training. Here they are.

    • The testing and proofing of changes to your Little Cave of Power (LCP). I have made one big change to my LCP. I moved it from my “man cave” with the fireplace to an unfinished part of my basement. Preseason allowed me to make changes in the setup so when I hit structured training, I can focus on the training and not fixing the annoyances.
    • I took a long break from cycling. I took a big road trip, I took it easy, I rested a key achey part (that will probably come up in another post). All in all, I took a good 2-2.5 months off. I found when I started to dip my toes into the training pond again, my body and mind needed sometime to accept. Much better to work that out freelancing than trying to do it during a structured plan. I’m back in the swing of things.
    • Related to point 2 above. I really needed to get used to the feeling of spending extended time on the trainer.
    • Work on weight loss. I really need to lose weight, this is helping me get motivated for that. I’m not looking for big losses there but I needed to get back to where I was last year. So I am using this time to really focus on running a calorie deficit, albeit a manageable on. I’m setting weight loss targets to be a much more continuous affair too.

5 * Getting used to all the TR changes and understanding how that proceeds. Of course, the idea is there should be no need to get used to it, but I"m glad I’m basically familiar with the new features.

FYI, I’m just running endurance and tempo workouts and then this coming Tuesday is ramp test day and then I start traditional base mid-volume. However, there will be disruption due to more travel plans.

Happy holidays to all and have a great training season!