Ramp Test Tips & Tricks

I think many on here will disagree with that comment.

I’ve got 10yrs on you and my FTP is still going up :smile:

Seriously you may need to slightly revise training as you get older but that doesn’t mean you’ll end up slower (likely the opposite)


lol! - I do agree with you, I’ve only improved with age!
I think what I meant was I feel more tired after… but then I have 2 kids to contend with after heavy sessions!
Out of interest, what’s your view on the plans and time spent?
@gcarver mentioned that I might need to revert to some base training as potentially doing too much intensity… I generally stick to ‘build’ plans as concerned that the base trainings will affect power, what do you think?
I also don’t find them as challenging.

Every year I always start with a build, if nothing else then to prepare my body to start training again. For example I finished my “season” around July with an FTP high of 281. One month later with no structure I tested at 261, after the first 6 weeks of SSMVB 1 I re-tested at 278. :grinning:

I’m now on SSBMV2 and actually I forgot how hard some of the workouts are. Usually 1 Vo2max and 1 over-under per week. For my next test after this block I expect (hoping) my FTP will be above my high of 281 (maybe 285) and that’s before I start build.

SS base is hard, I think it get’s a bad reputation as traditionally base is just riding around all day looking for cafes :smirk:


I would also recommend SSBMV. I’ve just completed both for a second time and have seen decent improvements. I’m considering skipping Build for a 3rd round of base, maybe I’ll give HV a shot.
There is a lot of variety and some of the workouts are very challenging, but also includes plenty of SS to build on your aerobic base.
I’m no expert but I have read on here that continuous high intensity is counter productive.

Having focussed on Build you may find SS less of a challenge but I would give it a go, the intensity ramps up as the weeks pass, perhaps HV would suit you better if you have the time?


A drop from 100-60rpm is definitely sign that you’re done. As is usually the case, I wouldn’t look too much into heart rate. During my last ramp test I hit 194, but the one before that where I was not entirely recovered, it only reached ~183.

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Thanks Andy. I was at the start of second 4 week block in a build plan but dropped to SSHV for yesterdays session to give it a go (Geiger). I actually really enjoyed it and it was an excellent workout.

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Thanks Carl. I was at the start of second 4 week block in a build plan but dropped to SSHV for yesterdays session to give it a go. Really enjoyed the Geiger session! and it felt challenging so all good.

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TR constantly reminds us that the Ramp Test (RT) doesn’t define you as a rider and that it’s just a measurable. Amber has went to great lengths emphasizing the FTP process isn’t linear. I get that. But I gotta say, when you complete it and there’s a decrease in performance - that’s low key motivating, but depressing too. Although my non linear segway appeared the RT before today (in early November), I had some ice cream as comfort food and doubled down on doing better “next time.” I was honest with myself that the nine less than October’s high was cause I wasn’t completely committed for the duration of the weeks/workouts in between. So I recommitted myself. Well the next time was today (after taking my recovery week actually off the bike) and although it was better than the last one, I still came up six short of the gains made back in October. Ugh.

I’m off to 31 Flavors Ice Cream. Anyone want anything? Lol

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You know what is even worse? Denying the decrease, rejecting the new value and continuing with workouts with the old value. Now THAT can put a dent in motivation.


Been there! Don’t do it!


Don’t do what? Deny the new number?? :laughing:

hello all, first ramp test today, first time I use TR, seems awesome. A little problem, I had amazon music playing music on the cellphone, TR on PC, and every step of the ramp test (every minute) the music disappeared for some seconds then got back again but at a very low volume so had to manually adjust it every minute…anyone know what happened?

I’d say contact TR support, they’re very helpful. That said, if the music is on the phone and TR on the PC, I’m not sure how they would interact at all… shared bluetooth speakers/headphones? The app plays a beep on most interval changes, so possibly the volumes on a shared speaker are adjusting for temporary inputs.

Base (low intensity/high volume) training is a key part of increasing fitness over time. High intensity training, when part of a periodized training plan, will certainly make you faster but only training at a certain intensity (both high and low) will have diminishing effects over time. Different systems adapt to different stimulus (aerobic, muscular, anaerobic, etc) and you really need to be targeting all systems, over time, to continue to improve.

I don’t know a lot of serious cyclists who love spending hours upon hours in Z2, but most recognize it as a crucial part to building a better cycling engine.

Ramp test rip: Do it as a group workout with a good group. Definitely will keep you from throwing in the towel early.

Another tip: don’t over think it. Progress isn’t linear and a solid block at a slightly lower ftp won’t kill you so take the losses since they usually get followed by a nice gain


Weird. I just ride until I can’t. And I can always tell when the gig’s up. Extra motivation and inspirational soundtracks don’t really make a difference one way or the other for me.

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I’m the same… HR 182 bpm is where i cash in my chips. Some days i just know my legs don’t have it in them to get me to that heart rate so i call it a day and take some more recovery but as long as i can get up to 182 bpm, i know my FTP is where it needs to be for the training to not be too easy but also not bury me

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Are you listening on headphones paired to both?

Question: so did you just do base 1&2 back back 3 times?
If so what type of gains did you see afterwards?

Can’t help with that. But on my last test, I was listening to my Amazon music playlist through my headphones. By daughter was trying to play the KidsBop station on her Alexa and we only have the subscription for one device at a time. So at the end of my song, it would jump to kids bop until I had to kick her off :rofl: