I hate ramp tests - can I just ... skip it?

Been dreading my ramp test, for a couple of days. It’s amazing how that grind up to the 20 minute mark can turn into the most uncomfortable experience, ever.

I’ve been averaging a 2% increase in FTP every 4-6 weeks, so I’m tempted to just add that to my current FTP and move on with my training. Maybe “Do the Nate” (i.e. Baxter) instead.

Yes, I know learning to suffer is important. Yes, I know that maybe I’ve gained more than 2% and I’m shortchanging myself. But does anyone see anything actively bad with just adding some to my FTP and moving on? I promise to adjust it back down if I find myself having to turn down the intensity of my workouts, on a regular basis.

Nothing wrong at all with that approach, it’s what I’ve done, with each phase and I’m not failing workouts (well, just one or two lol) so I know I’m not overreaching.

My opinion is that testing is important for newer folks who would likely see bigger jumps but for those of us who might have a few seasons of experience and have a good feel for things I’d say it’s a little less important as we see more modest gains anyway.


Literally, as I went for the Like button, that parenthetical comment popped in and I went oh ho! :wink:

Here’s a good thread on it: Does anyone NOT FTP test? Ramp or otherwise - #6 by hubcyclist


well, no one is perfect! lol

This is a great thread. Thank you for linking me to it!