Ramp Test (push to Wahoo) would it even work?

As someone who uses the head unit to conduct workouts as opposed to the app (just find it more convenient, extra info etc.) I was curious whether you could do a proper ramp test via this way.

Currently, if you want to push the workout to your Wahoo you end up with Sanford +1… urm ok? That aside, if the workout would be in fact a ramp test when pushed, the standard amount of jumps is 15, what if you end up having a ftp increase larger than this and you would be able to go past to say the 17th interval — currently the workout would end at 15, so you can’t really accurately see how good you have become.

So is my only option currently to do a custom workout with a larger amount of steps (just in case) or use an outside option like Training Peaks and sync a custom Ramp test from there? Is there maybe any work on this front being done by the TR team? :thinking:

It is currently impossible to push a TrainerRoad Custom workout to your head unit, so your Custom Ramp Test would need to be built within TrainingPeaks or another third party app.

Technically, you could replicate the Ramp Test with additional steps and calculate your FTP by multiplying your max one minute power by 0.75. As long as you are using ERG mode or very closely followed the target power, this will get you the correct FTP estimation.

That being said, when you complete your test on TrainerRoad, we also have a correction factor that kicks in if you did not properly adhere to the target power. You will not have this correction factor when calculating manually.