Ramp Test - Virtual Power

My friend has a CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer and a Wahoo RPM speed sensor. She has subscribed to TrainerRoad using her phone and selected her trainer for virtual power. Any tips on how she can most successfully take the Ramp Test? I assume she needs to shift and adjust cadence to achieve the target increases in output. I have a Kickr so I’ve never done a Ramp Test with virtual power.

Yes, just increase cadence and/or shift. For me it took a couple of goes to get used to the technique before I got a ‘good’ test.

Just my approach, but what I did was to do a test and then do one or two workouts and adjust my FTP manually until the next test. By doing some workouts she’ll get used to power matching which will help in the next test.


Tell her to take it and just go through a few steps as a warmup, cancel and go at it again. Cadence is very personal so some may do better going cadence/shift/cadence/shift with each step, where others may just want to shift/shift/shift/cadence/shift

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