Outside workouts - ramp intervals


It is my first post, so first I would like to thank you for such a great system as TrainerRoad, good job you are doing there!
Recently I was wondering if it is technically possible to have ramp intervals during outside workouts instead of range. In the morning, while warming up my internal math engine struggle to calculate where my power should be at given point of interval. I also tend to replace my threshold over-unders that have ramping intervals with the one having fixed power levels, when working outside.
Build-in outside FTP test in Wahoo have warming up interval in form of ramp and I guess in the end it is preloaded planned workout file, similar as the one you upload to Wahoo when outside workout is scheduled in ours calendars.
Is it possible to generate ramping power target for the outside planned workout file? Or format that TR is using not support ramp definition?
Sorry in case of dumb question, but don’t know the details of your integration with Wahoo.

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