Ramp test or let AI FTP detection do it’s thing?

I have had about a month off the trainer, was doing a big off-road event and focussed on outdoor riding for the last week or 2 before it and had an easy couple of weeks since coming back.

I use a wheel on smart trainer and have swapped from my road bike to a MTB as I have finally been able to get ahold of a trainer tyre.

I don’t have a power meter so none of my 40plus hours of riding in my event are included and with ny new bike/tyre on the trainer I am pretty sure my calculated FTP is probably a bit off.

Should I redo a ramp test or just do a few workouts and let AI FTP detection try and adjust?

I also did a lot of outdoor riding for a month or more with just heart rate, did AI FTP and then a ramp test, AI detection was within 1% of the ramp test result

Thanks for the quick reply.

I was thinking that since my trainer setup has changed as well that might have an impact?