Ramp test coming up but it hasn’t been 28 days yet

My TrainerRoad plan has a ramp test scheduled for Monday and I want to use a AI FTP Detection but it hasn’t been 28 days yet. How do I get TrainerRoad to replace the ramp test with a workout that fits my plan?

I just replaced the ramp test with the following week’s workout from the same day.

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Ive been off the bike after a calf spasm on Monday night. I put a annotation in the plan. The plan recalculated to a ramp test%AI FTP D for next week, where as I had done a AI FTP D just last week. I’ll see what it does when I click the button but if it doesn’t change, I’ll just add a copy of the week afters VO2max session. In the grand scheme of things I doubt it will make much difference.