Ramp test on rollers

I’m just coming back after a long layoff and tried to do a ramp test on my rollers during which I spun out before getting close to failure. I have a Kinetic Road Machine on the way but I won’t get it for about three weeks. Am I better off from a training perspective estimating my FTP or using the obviously too low number calculated by the app?

Just guestimate it and let the system adjust workouts and it will also estimate your ftp once you have enough rides (~10 I think)


I also used to ramp test on rollers. As of now, the ftp detection feature is great and (I think) it’s all you need. But if you want to test on your rollers, you can go old school and just put a folded up towel, or a piece of old carpet under the rear roller for a little added resistance. It takes a little fine tuning as you want to be able to soft pedal and you don’t want to start a fire… But it does work, as janky as that sounds.

  1. It looks like you’ve used magnetic rollers in the past, do you have the resistance ‘maxed out’ for the higher intensity workouts?
  2. Are you calibrating your power meter regularly?

The best outcome for you during these next few workouts is to use your ‘perspective estimated’ FTP, and based on your reported RPE when you spun out in the test, a good estimated FTP for now would probably be around 200 for the time being. After just 10 workouts, you’ll be able to use AI FTP Detection to get a more accurate FTP moving forward!

Until then though, Adaptive Training will quickly respond and progress you if your workouts are too hard or too easy based upon your survey responses and success of your workouts.
From there, you wont have to re-attempt a Ramp Test on the rollers.

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Thanks Ivy, appreciate the input. I had a dumb magnetic trainer last time I used TR that I kept maxed out, but no power meter at the time.

The rollers I’m on now aren’t magnetic, but I’ll be on a Kinetic Road Machine soon. I do calibrate my pedals before every ride, as well as set my tire pressure. Very much looking forward to my 10th ride.

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