FTP Ramp Test with Mag Trainer

I’ve yet to sign up to TR. I use a Quarq Dzero and only have a mag trainer. Friends have tried the ramp test with rollers and spun out. Anyone successful with a mag trainer? If so I’m in!

That will depend heavily on:

  1. The max resistance available from your trainer and bike (gearing) combo.
  2. Your actual FTP relative to that resistance above.

The Ramp test takes 75% times your best 1-minute power, therefore your trainer needs to be able to supply 1.4 times your predicted FTP in order to not spin out.

  • (and maybe a bit more to be safe, even though I already rounded up).
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I would be highly surprised if even the cheapest of Mag trainers couldn’t provide enough resistance to get through a ramp test. Unless of course your FTP is likely to be on the very high side.

I guess the problem with the mag trainer is that you may need to crank up the resistance level before doing the ramp test if you’re concerned.

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Ok that’s what I needed to know. Many thanks!

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Thanks yes it will take a few times to get it dialed. My FTP is relatively low so that so that will help.

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I do everything on a dumb mag trainer. Crank the resistance all the way up so that endurance is in the small ring and just make due with shifting and cadence adjustments.

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