Ramp Test Keto Style

Big drop on the Ramp Test today, but not surprised. On a Keto style diet atm, so energy is low. Probably should have had carbs a few hours before the test and I might have done better. I’ll take the score and work off that but as I’m doing Keto right up to Ride The Range on October 11. Plenty of time to bounce back for Tour de Brisbane in April next year.
I’ve just finished a Speciality Phase for an Imperial event that never happened, so I did my own ride then had a rest week. Now I’m beginning another Speciality Phase for Ride The Range in October. Do you think I’ll still improve fitness on the lower FTP while doing Keto or do you think I’ll crash and burn?

keto is a good way to lose weight but makes you slow.

it will take at least four or five weeks of fueled training to get back to normal.

expect to lose 30-40% off your ramp test result while in keto.


Using the recent ramp test results makes sense. I’ve never done keto but I imagine if you’re able to complete the workouts consistently you should improve, at least relative to your other performances while in ketosis. Whether or not that results in a net gain in the scheme of things is a lot more complex (and probably depends on what your fitness goals are- obviously your top end will be impacted more.)

Best-case scenario I would expect improvements to come a lot more slowly, because limiting your potential output during individual workouts will in turn limit the adaptations as a result of those workouts. You might also find you recover a little slower, which will impact the amount of work you’re able to do overall. I’d be curious to hear how it works out for you though! :slight_smile:


Having gone though keto process, I’d say it’s certainly useful in selected training phases. My <AeT remained constant throughout, but anything over FTP was neigh on impossible.

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Zoinks, you mean if I carb-up I should expect 480+ FTP?

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Sorry that is just not true.

The ramp test is so short that Keto or not, it makes no difference, well very little in my experience. I did Keto a few years back for 8 - 9 months, and the first three weeks were hard but after that performance was the same, maybe 1% less than prior to Keto. After 9 months thing changed a lot, as I return to a ‘normal’ diet, I gained all my weight loss plus a stone and eating carbs again my FTP tests tanked. The opposite to what you would expect, more carbs lower FTP test, but aligned with my quick weight gain, I don’t think carbs / low or no carbs had anything to do with it, I think my weight did.
Healthy HF diet or healthy HC diet good FTP tests. Eat crap, which you can do on either diet and performance tanks, IMO.

Although I couldn’t make Keto work for me long term.


curious why you would attribute any changes to weight? Was training the same?

Long term I was thinking Keto would be OK during Base Phases and then going back to carbs for Build and Speciality?

Would probably work. Sweetspot at first may be tough, but would get easier.

Played with keto during an Ironman prep and the outcome was great. Weight loss, could do a 4:30 fasted ride with the final hour at Zones 3 to 5 so I guess the metabolism did adapt.

The only negative outcome was a loss of 10% in PMax.

Soon after I kept the low carb approach but started carb fuelling the longer and/or intense workouts.

My ability to consume carbs while riding was enhanced a lot. I had almost 500kcal/hour during the bike leg on the Ironman. Science seems to negate this since it was proven that put simply without consuming carbs the body becomes less capable of processing them. Not my N=1 experience.

A big negative of keto for me is the degree of commitment needed and the stress that comes with it.

On the first time the first weeks were awful but now I use it as a fast weight loss strategy and can adapt to the process in just a couple of days. It is still stressful nevertheless.

To keep the same weight after getting back to “normal”, it is also very stressful because either I start counting calories and work with a decent deficit or the weight loss starts eroding fast.

I am sure everyone has a different result/experience with keto.


If you just looked at your weight you would go down on keto as glycogen loss also reduces water. Truth is your brain needs a certain amount of glycogen to function that it cannot get from fat stores.
So unless you’re tracking weight of muscle, fat and other body parts like bones etc you may have lost overall weight but where its come from you don’t know.

Interestingly GCN did this a couple of weeks ago where J Pow ran a 5 and 20 minute test in “keto” there is no evidence to support this as he also cited it as low carb. He also talks to some guy who says you are now a hybrid which is complete rubbish - it isn’t a toggle switch and your body uses both energy systems most of the time.

I would imagine that FTP test would suffer as fat usage takes more time within your body but not sure on all the science…:joy:

Be interested to see how it all plays out for @hurdle

I am really mostly talking about when you first start on keto. Once your fat adapted, it’s a different story.

Go keto to go slow!


On overall CHO strategy, heard a great phrase from James Morton the other day. Paraphrasing, but something along the lines of “not high carb, not low carb, but SMART carb”.

Really resonated with me, aligning with fueling the work, aims of the session, and time within macrocycle.

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Now that I’ll agree with. Performance and endurance sucked for a few weeks. But it snapped back in about a month and when it did it was pretty much immediate. Really weird.

Fat is stored as triglycerides: 3 fatty acid chains connected by a glycerol. 2 glycerol’s will be combined into a glucose by the liver. Presto, glucose, and it’s more than enough to supply resting glucose need. Also, the brain will easily take up half it’s energy as ketones, which are produced by the liver from the fatty acid chains. So really, the brain is covered.

This is an interesting bit. DEXA measures bone, fat, and considers everything else as “lean tissue”. So there you get weird effects where as the glycogen (primarily in the liver; muscle glycogen is maintained in long-term keto athletes, although short term this may also decrease) is depleted it looks to the DEXA like you’ve lost lean mass. Everyone hears “lean mass” and thinks “muscle”, but that’s not a given. Drink a 16oz of water before the scan and your lean mass will magically grow a lb of “lean mass”.

I’ve been meaning to watch the GCN video. I expect it to be a travesty, but hope springs eternal.

I have watched all but the last one, i.e first two and there are a few flaws but it seems generally well presented / balanced.
Main flaw was really well rested for the Keto tests as feeling Bluggh in the 10 days before, which implies lighter training and fresher into the second test, so not comparable / scientific.

why do you wanna fuck up your metabolism?

What by eating loads of Carbs?


Eating, mainly only Fat?

no, just a balanced diet

Agree, but what is a balance diet?

More peoples metabolisms are messed up by high carbs than any other diet, I am not on any side of the fence. Balanced is my go too, although the balance always changes a little.

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