Ramp test in a few days, new power meter coming in the mail in a week. What to do?

I’m at the tail end of a recovery week with a test coming up next week starting the second half of MV general build. I have a new power meter coming in the mail in about a week (replacing stages with a 4iii).

Should I:

A). Retest on the Stages then test again when I get the new PM
B). Don’t bother testing this week and push back test until I get the new PM


Push back the test unless you want to see if your last few weeks of training has yielded any improvements in which case do both


Thanks - in that case, would it be best to swap the Monday workout from week 2 with the ramp test, or should I sub in a workout with less TSS?

I would just do the test as scheduled. You are only 4 weeks away from your next test after that at which point you can swap to the 4iiii as your source of truth.


I could do that. The issue I’m having is that I’ve discovered that I’m constantly getting dropouts on my outdoor rides with my Stages so I’d like to switch over sooner than later at least for my outdoor rides to have an accurate TSS. I could live with it for another 3 weeks, but it gets in my head when I’m riding outdoors now and I’d rather not be looking down wondering if I dropped my PM again throughout every outdoor ride I do. It’s especially annoying for doing workouts outdoors.


I’d just wait with the test until the new power meter arrives. If you do expect a big change in ftp, I’d either do the test twice, or manually adjust it until you test. But tbh I don’t think you’ll do your training much harm if you wait.
I’d shift all session a slot forward, do the two sessions from this week plus the first from next week, then use the now ‘free’ day to do the test.

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Whilst I would expect both units to read very closely I would wait until the new PM arrives.

My stages reads 8% higher than my Assioma Uno pedals

Option B


Test on what you’ve been training with if you want to see the most accurate number on your improvement.

Then test again with the new meter to set training FTP.

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You can retest as often as you like with a RAMP.