Power meter broken - now what 😳

Apologies if this issue has been addressed previously.

My Stages PM is faulty and needs to be returned.

I’m currently on rest week midway through SusPB MV.
What advice would you give regarding how I train until my PM is returned?

I used Virtual Power for a few weeks before I invested in a PM on 14 April. I have an idea of what my ballpark virtual FTP is, if that could be an option?

On the other hand, I could just ride outdoors aimlessly…joking aside, I do have a good understanding of my RPE

Thanks in advance.

On occasion that I didn’t have a working power meter during the time that I was coached, he always used to set workouts using rpe. I used to report rpe for every workout anyway and could usually estimate my power to within 10 watts and the workout tss very accurately.
I’d suggest using the outdoor workout option with rpe. It’ll be a good experience for you.

Do a ramp test using VP and go from there. You will need to pay more attention to keeping your setup consistent (tyre pressure etc) but it will be worth it.

Not much TSS in a ramp test so it won’t throw you off course.

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Personally, I would always ride outside whenever possible. The trainer is the last resort. It shouldn’t be hard doing some intervals outside based on RPE, HR, or both.

some sound advice, thanks.
I’ve seen that the Stages customer service is very good so I may just ride outside and hope I get a quick replacement.