Why isn't the "use FTP detection" appearing on the ramp test?

I have checked in the help section, and I see a red box to click on, to offer me an estimated FTP on the ramp test .
When I open the ramp test, this red box does not appear.
I have downloaded the latest version of the app, so I was expecting it to be ok.

I’ve now missed the ramp test, as had a race, and am too tired to do it in the old fashioned way!

What could be the problem?
Has anyone else had this ?
:confounded: :worried:

You need to do it from the carreer page on the mobile app for now


Ensure you are signed up for Early Access. Account → Early Access → Enable AI FTP Detection (or something similar).

Then, when the Ramp Test is the next workout, go to the Career page to use AI FTP detection.

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More detailed info on setting up and FAQs here, Lydia! :+1:
As always, feel free to check in with support@trainerroad.com if something is amiss or if you need some help.

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So I will need to cancel my current training plan, and re start it say,next Tuesday. So I get the ramp test programmed.
I have a bad habit of not doing my training rides n the days they are programmed.eg. this week I did yesterdays vo2 max workout today, because i needed an extra recovery day after a race on sunday.
Sounds like thats why it didnt work,as i tried to do the ramp test 3 days after it was programmed

You can manually add a Ramp Test to any day that you would like to use the FTP Detection tool. So there is no need to redo an entire training plan just for that purpose.

As to your altered schedule, it is probably best to drag and drop the workouts around on your calendar to match your actual workout completion. It’s quite easy on the web in particular, but also possible to do in the app.

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That was meant to read “not on the days they were programmed”

Yes ,I do that too. Thanks, I will try adding the ramp test @mcneese.chad and then I wont have to mess with my plan!! :smile:

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I just manually added an FTP test to the first day of every month. No intention of ever doing it - just so I can access the FTP estimation

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I dropped and dragged the ramp test onto my calender for yesterday, and i was able to use the FTP detection option, and my Ftp had gone up by 4w. Sort of what I expected and means my workouts will be hard but achievable.
I will also do the ramp test, as i am fascinated to see how it compares with the estimated version. If not tired ,I tend to produce a too high FTP on the ramp test, which suggests i should do the 20 minute test instead.

  • Subscribes * haha! Curious to see how the results stack up for you!

Was wondering the same thing until I found this little nugget. Thanks.