Ramp test as an opener?

I’m doing the Tour d Zwift stage one tomorrow, racing in the C pack. It’s a short 16km, this is my first Zwift “race” and I’m much more an endurance rider than short power guy. It’s been a while since I’ve tested, would the ramp test make an okay opener tomorrow morning, then racing at 3pm? I’m thinking maybe that’s a bit too much stress the same day as the race, albeit a short one. Anything you would recommend instead?

Yes, I think Pete uses it with a pedal up to Threshold and then quits.


Doing a full ramp test the same day of a race is probably doing more harm than good. Remember that you are going to an absolute failure point. That said, I would not not hesitate to do a full ramp test the day of a zwift race or any other event that isn’t an a or b race. Or cut it short as mentioned above if you don’t really care about the ramp test results.

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Agreed, if you’re doing it as just an opener and not to test your FTP then I would take it to threshold or maybe a step or two above and then end it.

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I think Jonathan (or was it Pete?) even mentioned adding 1 or 2 short sprints after a short recovery from the Threshold step.

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