Ramp Test After Injury and How to Set FTP

Been off the bike a bit due to tendon injury, but have been riding lately to ensure that i don’t re-injure the area when i start back to training, so i am planning on trying the Ramp Test tonight but i see that it wants me to put in my FTP. Well, before i was injured last August it was 260, considering how long ago that was and how little riding i have been doing, any thoughts on what i set it at?

Just ride it until you stop?

The default calculation for new riders coming to TR is set to put the FTP at a 2.0 watts/kg value.

You could calculate that and see how it compares to your prior FTP.

Baring that, you could simply set an FTP at something like 20-30% reduced from your most recent FTP.

Either way, you may be best to set low and the main consequence is that the Ramp test will take you more time overall. Most are around 20-25 minute, but some are low enough at the start that they run 30-45 minutes. No real problem with that if that is how it turns out. It is just more time pedaling at a “low” value.

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I thought you needed to at least start with a set FTP, even it it was a guesstimate.

Yes, you do need an FTP entered. I think what he was recommending was doing the test at the prior FTP.

If it is indeed higher, that essentially means you would finish the test sooner than later. The biggest challenge is that the steps in the Ramp test are set at 6% of the FTP. So, if you have a higher FTP, those jumps to each step may be tougher to handle, especially towards the end of the test. That is the reason that downgrading and setting a lower estimate may be the safer version.