Ramp/FTP Test with rocker plate

I did my last 2 ramp tests with my Wahoo Kickr (306w at 72kg). Since my last one I have built and used a rocker plate under my trainer and have really liked how it mixes it up (and gives a little upper body workout in the process). I have my next ramp test tomorrow and wondering if I need to do the test WITH or WITHOUT the rocker plate. I feel it MIGHT be able to skew the numbers because of the rocking one direction while pedaling with the downward motion the other direction (like sprinting) to help eek out a few more watts BUT I’m using the rocker for all of my indoor training rides, so seems like my FTP would need to be matched using the rocker. Advice?

If the ramp is in preparation for your next training plan start, then test how you will train. The results influence the training intensity directly, so if you test significantly higher or lower than you could perform during training you’ll end up over or under the goal intensity.

If your rocker plate moves significantly during the ramp, you probably need more resistance anyway. Ramp should be as steady as possible and seated.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think my rocker (pillow bearings & exercise small balls) makes any difference in steady power output. Over the summer I did 20 min test with and one without and the results were within the measurement error of my trainer and day-to-day variation. Something like 3 watts.

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Test like you plan to train:

  • So, if you plan to use the rocker for training, use if for testing too.