Looking for advice in regards to Ramp Test result

So I’ve been using a Kickr 17 for the past two years without issue. I use power match with Vector 3 pedals. Yesterday half way through my ramp test I lost all resistance. The trainer connects to TrainerRoad but doesn’t send seem to be able to send data or receive data. I tried connecting to Wahoo app and it connects but same thing…no speed or power data. So it seems that I might have to replace the trainer. Dealing with Wahoo to figure it out.
Luckily I also have a KK Road Machine so I decided to redo ramp test today. Unfortunately for me it came back with a 15w drop in FTP.

For some background I have just finished Traditional Base 2. I tested at 255w to start TB1 and then went up to 260w to start TB2. I haven’t missed a workout and have felt pretty good on all workouts. So todays test with a drop of 15w seems more due to switching trainers and the different feel of having to choose gearing vs ERG mode than due to a drop in fitness. The Vector 3 was used in all tests as my source of power.

So my question is do I keep my old FTP and see how upcoming workouts go (starting SSB1) or do I use the new, lower FTP?

The Kk is wheel on so you’ve lost the ability to freewheel (get micro breaks) of the kickr. Therell be tons of other differences and room for +/- errors on two fundamentally different machines.
As a starting point I would accept the new FTP and see how you get on in workouts.

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I would use the new FTP.

If it’s too easy then you’ll make a big gain in 4 weeks (and you can always add on during workouts in the meantime).

If it’s too hard then you’ll be finding all the workouts hard and getting down on yourself AND trying to get the Wahoo to replace/refund/etc.

Thanks for the replies. I actually feel like the KK freewheels more than the Kickr. Perhaps because I use the small ring so don’t generate as high of a flywheel speed. But not being used to the wider variety of cadence and gear combinations necessary to hit the target had my power not as smooth and could be a factor. I will follow your suggestions and go forward with the new FTP for future workouts and perhaps if I can get my Kickr problem sorted out I will re-test on it before carrying on.

If you are working out on the kinetic, then use the ftp tested on the kinetic.

If it makes ramp test harder, it’ll make workouts harder, and you don’t want to be 15 watts too high on hard work :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I was thinking too and why I asked for advice. Funny how you know the answer but don’t want to believe it when it comes to lowering your FTP. Lol


Bahahaha, totally!

I am convinced that my kickr core reads significantly lower than both of my powertap hubs, so as much as I’d love to use metrics from riding outside, at the end of the day it’s all about appropriate training intensity for the correct physiological adaptation.

Once I get back outside stronger, I’ll still be dropping guys harder than I was in the fall, regardless of what my trainer said :stuck_out_tongue:

( When your outdoor rides of over an hour and a half are STILL over 1.0 IF, without going all out, there might be a mismatch )