Anyone having dropout issues?

I had dropout issues running a KK Rock n Roll with the latest inride, wahoo speed and cadence sensors. I have a windows 10 laptop using ANT+ with a dongle extension right under the bike. Last year TR support said it was WiFi interference, I tried everything they suggested and still had dropouts. I stopped using TR when covid started and started using Zwift again…ran it all spring, summer and fall with not a single drop out. Wanted to start training again with TR and low and behold the dropouts started again. So frustrating! I tried running it on my Note 10+ Android phone and had dropouts on the phone too. I havent emailed TR support yet as they werent much help last time. Anybody having similar issues that might be able to shed some light?


Been using TR for 4 years have had Ant+ dropouts since day 1 learned to live with them. I too exhausted TR Support trying everything under the sun with no change. 2 different lap tops same issue. Anymore it doesn’t bother me since i am still putting in the workload. in my honest opinion a few dropouts here and there doesn’t have any effect on my training other then messing up the pretty little yellow line that is going across the screen. Often wondered if the drop outs would effect my avatar on Zwift but never had much interest in finding out. Sorry i could not offer any additional help but you are not alone.

I have a simililar setup, Win10, ANT+ dongle ( ) together with a USB extension cable, placed right next to the trainer, Wifi set to channel 1 etc… what differs is the trainer. This was rock solid for years, but for a while now, I am experiencing the following connectivity problems: Previous versions of the TR desktop app seemed to disconnect all ANT+ devices precisely 60min after starting the app (or PC), but, since a few weeks, this now happens much earlier to me. It’s never showing on the resulting track, but is a nuisance since the trainer wattage stays the same. When in 30/15s, for example, you are suddenly doing 40/15s.

The annoying part is that the screen freezes. The problem used to be it would just drop the signal and the workout would pause. Now I have to exit and restart. It works fine with zwift and rgt so it must be something in the TR software. I have been using the beta version but I downloaded the standard version which included a link for ant and bt drivers which I have never seen before. Im going to try today and see if the problem persists. If it does I will email support.

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I was on a PC running usb extension cable to my ANT+ dongle that was placed right next to the trainer (Kickr). Didn’t have any dropouts on the computer but had plenty with my heart rate strap.
I tried moving location which didn’t seem to help. Now I’m running OSX with bluetooth and haven’t had a single dropout.

Thinking of trying to run it on my wife’s ipad to see if I have the same problem.

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The freezing part happed only once of twice to me. Fortunately, there is the resume feature. The one single dropout, however, appears – just like clock work – every single workout.

Im sorry to hear this! But you should definitely reach out again, there may be a firmware or software update to help mitigate dropouts, it may be a power setting or any number of the troubleshooting steps we can help run you through!

You can email them at, I’ll give them a heads up!

I’ve used TR for c 3 years with relatively few issues till a few months ago when ANT+ kept dropping out, changed dongle, changed adapter, changed batteries still dropped. Not even consistent for how long it would hold before dropping.
Resorted to change of sensors to Bluetooth, no drop outs since so it must be an ANT+ issue

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Well I shouldnt have said they werent much help, they tried a bunch of things but couldnt solve the problem. If I continue to have problems with the latest version and new drivers I will email support.

Is the PC’s Bluetooth on? I don’t have sustained drop out problems with TR and Zwift but with just the speed output from my trainer and RGT Cycling along with occasionally not acquiring any signal. After I turn on my Bluetooth, it went away. Worth a try.

Drop outs still happening, I get around 5 minutes total per hour (look at your Rx fails), but TR and Zwift smooth it out whereas RGT’s output is the raw file.

Good news…got thru taku today with no issues with the latest pc version and drivers…only issue I had was wattage was slow to respond to increase/decrease but I think that was because the inride was connected via BT. I’m going to pair it via ant+ tomorrow and see if it is better.

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