Ant+ dropouts at really annoying times

Trying to figure out my issue here, seem to have random dropouts of 1 or more devices at random times. For example the weekend had 15s/15s and I lost a few off them due to ERG mode dropping. I have a wahoo kickr and quarq PM using powermatch and on some workouts, a HR monitor as well.

What I have tried;

Moving cable closer to wahoo and PM
New cable
Different USB adapters
Battery in PM

Any other recommendations?

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wifi interference? Ant+ is sometimes affected by the 2.4ghz range.


No WiFi in the cabin, cable down to the house. Setup not changed for a number of years, this problem is only a recent thing. Cheers

No way to switch to Bluetooth?

PM does not support Bluetooth unfortunately.

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Connectivity has been a challenge at different points in time. On rare events, workouts had to be scrapped. Items were thrown.

Two things were associated with a recent improvement (causation claims intentionally withheld):

  1. I switched from running TR on an old MacBook to running it on an iPad. This swaps the hardware, OS, and app on the computer side of things. The iPad used to be perched on the MacBook, which didn’t work so well, but now is just perched on a plastic chair. Perhaps this reduces potential interference. At one point I put the iPad on the floor right behind the front wheel to get it really close to the PM; this worked but was kind of awkward, and not necessary since the chair setup works fine too.

  2. I put a bit of tape on the inside of the battery cover of the power meter (Stages). This “squeezes” the battery a bit more snugly, perhaps avoiding poor contact.

At least my dropouts don’t mess up the trainer’s resistance, as I’m on a KK road machine. But connectivity is one of the reasons/excuses I haven’t switched to a smart trainer.

Hey Chrisbint,

This same issue had been driving me nuts for ages… I use a Macbook, Wahoo Kickr (1st gen) and use Powermatch with the Assimoas all via Ant+. I tried all the usual suspects but the biggest change for me, was ensuring Bluetooth was turned off on the Mac. Since then, I’ve gone from dropouts in just about every session to almost zero. Just need to make sure that You don’t have any TR Apps open on (phone for example) also.

If you haven’t tried this, give it a whirl…


I was having the same problem that started with a TR software update in mid February. TR swears there was nothing in the update that could cause this. I tried everything and nothing in particular seems to work, then suddenly it all stopped…so weird.

Hey there!

I figure I’ll share this article in case you haven’t had the chance to read through it yet:

In especially tricky situations, you may need some further troubleshooting, and in those cases, our Support Team would be happy to help you figure out next steps and help to stabilize your connection. Feel free to shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can :+1:.

Genuinely curious to see what evolves from this. I have one, maybe two dropouts every workout at the very beginning. In particular, the hr and the cadence. Yet the power still shows.

I’m under the assumption that means just the pedals and the strap sensor fail whereas the kickr keeps working.

I tried switching my phone to 5ghz signal to drop interference, switched my Amazon fire to 5ghz… no change.

Just odd… after the early drop, everything works fine… EXCEPT for the time I did a ramp test… them it of course failed just before I did and completely tossed my results… Murphy’s law right there.

Me too!

My cadence/ speed sensor (connected via ant+) has been dropping out the past couple of weeks., luckily didn’t interfere with my recent ramp test though.

Will try a new battery, but shouldn’t be a problem seeing as the unit was bought in Dec.

I have started getting dropouts this week for some reason. Power and cadence, very annoying. I am using an older version of TR in larger part because I have an older trainer (cycleops powerbeam). Connection was stable up until a few days ago

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, the good news is that our support team is super good at isolating dropout issues by looking at your internal ride log and seeing whats amiss! You can either submit a request online or email them at They’ll sort you out! :crossed_fingers: