Anyone else having ant+ dropouts since last update?

I run TR on a Moto Z3 with Android 8.1.0 I can’t think of the name of the ant+ dongle I use. Google told me there was a TR update last week, so I installed it. The following 2 workouts had 2-3 ant+ dropouts that paused the workout. (never in a rest interval, lol!)
I figured I’d try doing my saturday workout on my laptop running Windows 10 with a Cyclplus ant+ dongle. I had not received a notice of a pc update. Still had a couple of dropouts. I have changed sensor batteries w/i the last 2 months, not that they couldn’t be bad, but they pair with my head unit fine.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything else I need to try?

I run TR on my samsung phone and yes i get at least one drop out per workout.
Also note that i have the same experience with bluetooth. My bluetooth drops out first, then ant +. About 5-10 sec later, they both comes back.
So you are not alone…

I suppose I should be clear. I have had 0 dropout issues for as long as I can remember. The last dropout I can recall was probably November.

I would look at signal interference. There hasn’t been any changes to the device code in a while. You might want to change batteries again just in case.


Will do @Nate_Pearson. We’ll see what happens Tuesday morning.

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Dropouts are pretty rare for me, but they have happened occasionally in the past. Nate is definitely right about signal interference. I had the most dropouts when the charging cable for my laptop was in front of the ant+ adapter.

That history aside, I had 3 or so dropouts yesterday doing Tallac +3. I’m also using the OSX version though, so perhaps just a coincidence.

I just moved from Zwift to TR and rarely saw drops in Zwift, so I’m not sure what is “true” or not, but I’m getting a LOT of dropouts - MUCH more frequently than i saw in Zwift. One dropout every 3-5min or so - VERY annoying. I’ve been systematically changing a variable here and there to try and isolate the issue, to no avail. Changed sensor batteries, changed sensor positions, (tried to) removed interference, etc. Only thing i have left is to use a newer laptop, as opposed to the older one I have been using. I wasn’t sure if it was something related to the USB driver or how it handles the ANT+ chip (but i’m likely grasping at straws now).

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing persistent dropouts like that :pensive: . It sounds like you’ve been doing a really thourough job yourself, but our Suport Team may have a bit of insight that can help the troubleshooting process along.

You can reach them at :+1:

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Over the last month or so, my resistance drops to zero at about the 50 minute mark, inconsistently. Riding a Kickr Core 2018. Happened maybe 3/4 times? Different workouts. I have to pause or backpedal to get resistance again. In erg mode, TR running on iPad or iPhone, latest version of app, and latest version of iOS.

I know this is not much to go on. How can I help diagnozing? Workout continues (shows progressing bar on the screen) but resistance on my trainer drops to zero. Pausing, or fiddling, helps, resistance comes back.

Running on Win10 over ANT+ - had zero dropouts, started to get a few since a couple of weeks, sometimes it’s the HR signal (Wahoo Tickr), sometimes the trainer (Tacx Flux S). There’s an interference source I still need to test out - I put the dehumidifier back into operation, and I have the impression that this is when the dropouts started. I’m just not intelligent enough at 5:30 am to think about turning it off.

Hey @rocourteau and @Dkmj, thanks for reaching out.

The update to the app should not be introducing dropouts since we have not altered the pairing layers in any way. Sometimes dropouts can come and go with the introduction of new variables into your training environment like wireless speakers, mice, wifi routers, etc.

I would recommend following the instructions in this article to start out:

For further troubleshooting, our Support Team will be the best resource at your disposal. They have the ability to look into your log files and help you investigate your issue one on one.

You can reach them at, and they will typically respond within a day :+1:

I don’t suspect it did either, as the rest of my post indicates.

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I realize this thread is related to dropouts from a mobile phone, but FWIW, I have had consistent dropouts from my MacBook Pro to my Tacx NEO. I use the Tacx ANT+ antenna (very powerful). TR support was very helpful in showing that it was NOT related to the application, but rather to the signal from my antenna to the trainer. My next step in the process is purchasing a USB extension to get the antenna closer to the trainer. I realize that this may not address mobile phone applications, but wanted to say two things:

  1. It is likely to be a signal strength/interruption issue
  2. TR support is great
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My experience has been different: finding my power meter over Ant+ or my HR monitor is incredibly slow. My Kickr is found immediately upon launching the TrainerRoad app on my paincave PC, but the other sensors take forever. Where forever could be > 2 minutes from waking up / turning on my power meter / HR monitor.

Nothing has changed in my setup except TR updates.

the kickr core is powered from the wall and the ipad or iphone controlling it (and running the trainerroad app) are also plugged in. so no risk of power loss to these. could other sensors, like wahoo cadence, or heart beat strap, affect the interaction between app and trainer? in my setup everyting is bluetooth.

this is not a big issue. i will stop the workuot and take notes next time it happens.

even a relief when resistance is suddenly 0 instead of vo2/maxlevels… ? :wink:

I am beginning to get too many dropouts lately on both Trainerroad and Zwift, I run them simultaneously. I am using the Beta version of TR with a lot of updates and I have never experienced any dropouts on the other TR app. Unfortunately it wasn’t showing the instructions hence I moved to the Beta version. I use BT for Zwift and Ant+ for TR. The dropouts don’t happen at the same time, it would be Zwift for few seconds with power off then back up again, then after few minutes TR will also dropouts for few seconds. This is very annoying when it happens in the middle of a 5min VO2 max interval.

Could it be the batteries in your power meter?

I am using a tacx neo connected to external power.

I just can’t see how the dropouts in zwift can have anything to do with a TR update.

As you’re having problems with both (and no power meter), I would think the problem has to do with the connection.

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Certainly, it could be my PC beginning to pack up, it started freezing as well. I have a newer PC that I can try out and see if there are no improvements.