Quitting Coffee

Nope…not even close…a Venti Latte is ~$4.15 according to the Googles. x365 days / year and you get $1515.

Now, I would definitely not sneeze at a spare $1500, but you definitely aren’t gonna buy even a decent bike with it, let alone a Madone SLR.

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Twice a day, he said. So $3000. A second-hand one, maybe?

Espresso all the way. Better, faster, less cafeine. Buy a good semi-auto, buy good beans, never look back.


Ah, missed the twice a day note…but if you find a Madone SLR in a 54 for $3K, hit me up immediately!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

In order to balance things out a bit, can we please have a couple of more posts about how a cup of coffee a day improved sleep quality? I’m feeling a little stressed after reading this thread. :sweat_smile:

Sounds like you could do with a coffee :slight_smile:

On a more serious note - I have around 600mg of caffeine a day … sometimes 700mg. In Australia that equates to around 3 double shot coffees (occasionally with another single shot). I ALWAYS finish my last caffeine by 3:30pm in the afternoon, and I’m usually turning the lights out at about 9:00-9:30pm. I don’t have any worries getting to sleep. But I DO wake up overnight pretty often. And I struggle to stay asleep as long as I’d like in the mornings - I’m often waking up and getting up before my alarm goes off, even if the alarm is set to only 6-7 hours after I turn the lights out. Although caffeine doesn’t seem to impact my ability to FALL asleep, I do wonder if my caffeine habits are impacting the QUALITY of my sleep.

I’ve been off caffeine in the past because I have irritable bowel (IBS) and I thought caffeine was making it worse. Turns out it was something else entirely and I’ve been happily back on the caffeine for years now. Now I’m wondering if it’s time for me to try some time off it again - but I’d want to be hearing a lot more stories about how it’s improved sleep quality before I do that. I have, on the other hand, dramatically decreased the amount of alcohol I drink, which has helped my sleep quality (and wallet!) for sure.


Since you asked :smiley: No, coffee doesn’t improve quality of my sleep. But I didn’t quit coffee either. Two or three years back my sleep was quite poor. I couldn’t fall asleep and was awake quite often. I was in bed at regular times and tried to get in at least 8 hours. I gave a try to magnesium (chelate) and I am not going back! I fall asleep in about 5 minutes, sleep 7:45-8:00 hours (but slept 9 hours yesterday after 7 hours on the bike :wink: ). I still wake up at night for a toilet which annoys me but I am sleeping again in no time (I don’t put the lights on).

For reference, I am drinking 2-3 cups of filtered coffee a day (aeropress, 1 cup ~ double espresso). The first when I get to work, second after lunch and sometimes one or two small cups with coworkers in between. On weekends I might get a double espresso even at 5 pm when I get back from bike but doesn’t seem to affect me. I drink coffee because of the taste and not because I haven’t slept well or need the boost (I don’t get any really).

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Drank coffee 1-2 cups every day without fail for 10 years. When I quit 3 months a go and last year for a month, migraines that came on were severe both times, they take about 2 weeks to go away. The afternoon slump as gone significantly now but still have the need for a nap on he weekend sometimes, at work it was unbearable to stay awake! I enjoy the taste fo coffee. I won’t go back to drinking daily, but maybe its ok to have one on the weekend without the side effects I hope…


I wouldn’t worry about the occasional coffee, or anything really. You won’t build an addiction, or lower tolerance unless you do it regularly. I’ve had a decaf mocha since quitting from Costa and it felt stupid strong to me! Only drank a little, pretty rank actually that one.

If you’re past the mental need to have something in your life, in honesty, (because we’re really, really amazing at lying to ourselves), then you should be free to play around.

Biggest issue will be when you use it as a stimulant to get through a day at work or whatever. Then it’s a case of it being a crutch again.

I’d love to see what happens when decafs are as good as regular. Then we’ll see who loves coffee and who really is just needing a stimulant to get through a day.


I never had problems falling to sleep when drinking coffee, and up 1 to 3 times a night “old man’s disease”. What I have noticed is a quick return to sleep and often 8-9 hrs of sleep compared to 6-7.

It’s funny now to see my comment in this thread… I’ve switched to half-half myself and am strongly considering going off of caffeine and coffee entirely.

Why? Well, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a few years ago, and the CPAP has improved my sleep some… but I still wake around 3am and struggle to get back to sleep. I crash in the afternoons. I have anxiety and feel stressed about silly stuff.

I started drinking coffee at 22, after college, when I first started with the Navy. I served 20, retired, and now I have a regular job where I get to sleep every night regularly. I don’t feel like I need the caffeine to function, and at this point it’s just a habit… so I’ve reduced to less coffee and half-caf at that, and am now thinking about going to no coffee regularly. I may still have the occasional cup out with friends, but no more brewing.

Today, something interesting caught my eye. Has anyone any experience with Mud/Wtr (or another ground mushroom “coffee”)? It might be a beneficial alternative to coffee with limited caffeine and other benefits.

I tried the Four Sigmatic stuff and wasn’t a fan. Tasted pretty off IMO, plus it was stupid expensive and there’s very little evidence to support any of the alleged benefits. I imagine the first two points are largely a matter of preference, but personally I’d rather go with a reasonably nice decaf or some herbal tea.

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I’ve had a few varieties of the mushroom stuff, and it’s no coffee replacement for me. I don’t like the taste as it’s definitely not like coffee, to me. I’m primarily a decaf drinker at this point, though I do have a full-caf cup once a week. Decaf works to fill the ritual part for me, and I enjoy the taste well enough.

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A few years ago I switched to decaf and saved the caffeinated coffee for times I really need it. I like drinking coffee and I like having the option of turning up to 11 at will.


I quit regular coffee about 3 months ago.
I used to get through approx 2 jars of instant a week (10-12 a cups a day)
Plus I had a cafetiere and a machine.
This year I had been suffering terrible with palpitations, every couple of minutes. I could always hear my heartbeat when I was resting too, used to drive me mad sometimes.
I now just drink decaff and will never drink normal coffee again. I don’t remember any side effects, but I do return to sleep much easier (2-3 times a night).
I don’t even think it affects my cycling much either, but that’s probably due to my other drug, if I could only rid my sugar addiction😬


This has been the thing I’ve notice most from a sleep perspective with my half-caf experiment. I also don’t have nearly the same crash in the afternoons as I did before. Excited to see how this could affect me long term, since I’m just about two weeks into it.

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57 and never had a cup of coffee in my life. After a few sips a long time ago I had no interest.

Same is true for me at that age. What got me started on coffee was Bulletproof Coffee. Very enjoyable, but it drove my Cholesterol up. I can stop coffee easily at age 66, but enjoy it in the morning.


This was your problem, not the fact that you drank coffee. Assuming you’re a normal healthy adult, caffeine in coffee only has a half-life of 4-6hrs. If you have a cup or two in the morning, it should in no way affect your sleep at night. Thus, no need to quit.

That said, 10-12 cups of coffee or anything aside from water per day is likely going to have some negative effects.

See post #16 :smile:


:rofl: I hope not!