Coffee as energy booster

Is coffee okay as an energy booster? I tried to find info, but there’s no exact answer. For example, if I train three times a week in the morning is it okay to drink coffee before the training just to wake up, or will it somehow affect “chemistry” in my body?
Upd. I got your feedback, so decided to drink coffee before training and now choosing a coffee machine but they really look the same. What model would you recommend? I mean, I’m looking through some reviews (here, for example. Not promoting, really good article, but I do not see the difference and have no idea which device to choose)

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Yes, to both and in a very positive way. :slight_smile:

No coffein, no workout… :facepunch:
Coffein has multipel benefits. Either as a drink such as coffee or tabs. Tabs doesnt affect your stomach as coffee can do if your not use to i. But coffein in General is an awesome energybooster.

From a non coffe drinker besides as energybooster🤭


This is totally going on a t-shirt.


For me: Caffeine = Cadence


Totally okay. It is proven to reduce your perceived effort and hence improve your performance. As far as I know there is no influence on your metabolism, so you’re not losing anything.

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Hehe,i’ll give you the copyright’s. Just remeber me when you are counting dollars​:money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

Love me a coffee shot of espresso before each tough workout or group ride

Many of us drink coffee pre- or during workouts. Totally fine. Be aware that a hot drink will warm your core temp up, which can affect RPE and performance some. Not an issue when it’s cold out (maybe an advantage!). Can be a factor with normal temps.

Otherwise, I very much look forward to my on ride coffee on the trainer.

Intriguing. I jumped on the trainer last night and was naturally sitting at least 5rpm higher than normal, right from the start of the warmup to the end of the workout. Couldn’t figure out why but I did have 2 coffees in the afternoon before my workout which I wouldn’t normally do

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I drown myself in preworkout before races. (Talking 250-300mg of caffeine)

I find this seems to be good for hitting PRs

Don’t worry, I will. :moneybag:

BTW, this is also going on a t-shirt.
Please, never stop posting!!! :laughing:

(sorry for derailing!)

There’s a LOT of studies on this in regards to performance. Here’s what DrSLane has to say on it:


Thanks for the video! Have no idea why I did not think about googling it first

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