Morning workouts, coffee and cortisol

Hi guys,

I often train in the early morning and always have 1 or 2 coffees + some fast absorbing carbs (sometimes even gels with caffeine) between waking up and getting on the bike (30 ish minutes)

I’ve been reading about how caffeine might be bad just after waking up. The argument is that cortisol levels are high at the moment of waking up and that caffeine will only spike it more which has a negative effect on circadian rythm (cortisol levels way too high for rest of day).

Do you think this effect really is significant enough to skip the coffee?

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Heh, so how long does it say you need to be awake before you can safely drink coffee?

Since most people use coffee to wake up, I would be surprised if this is really a thing.

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  • Why? The mere fact someone does something doesn’t mean it is “good” or “not bad”. There are plenty of things we do that are potentially detrimental on a range of levels (alcohol anyone?).

That said, I wonder about the actual context of the info above. Is that for “normal” people in their regular day, or is it related to this very specific context where exercise is the start of the day?

Considering the typical rise in cortisol related to exercise, it may be a non-issue in this case, or the caffeine may be a kicker that pushes the levels over some desired limit? I have no idea, but I suspect there is bit of nuance missing here.

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That’s what i also think.
It’s something I’ve been reading for a few years but never really considered because I dont feel any negative effects. If you search for coffee morning and cortisol you will find more than enough information.

But like Chad said, our context might not be relevant in this case. But as I cant find anything specific to our context I figured to ask it on the forum.

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RIding my bike is how I wake up :joy:

(The time between me crawling out of bed and on the bike heading to work is about 10-15 minutes)


A few hours apparently