Anyone drinks coffee to help finish workouts?

Everytime I start a higher FTP training plan. I drink a big cup of coffee during the workout which is more difficult than IF=0.88. That way I feel easier to finish the workout. Is it normal or I should not drink coffee?

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I always do! That and caffeine gels…

The way is see it:

  1. It only lowers RPE doesn’t actually increase physiological properties so therefore one still reaps same benefits from workouts

  2. It’s legal!!! and also easy to use in race situations so it’s not something you’ll be without come race day

  3. Pros train with it - as they do gels / electrolytes etc so why would one deny yourself something that enhances your abilities and chances of workout success…

And tbh if you are an “Olympic” level coffee drinker does it actually effect you as much as you think? Point being even if it’s just a Placebo then that’s great too!

Just my personal thoughts / experiences


AFAIK caffeine takes atleast 30mins before you get the benefits

… I use it for longer indoor rides 90min and more

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I have coffee about 30min-1hr before every ride, indoors or outdoors. And of course there is the obligatory coffee and cake stop during all outdoor rides! :sweat_smile:

Correction… Coffee is my morning ride routine. However, I recently switched to afternoon or evening rides. There is no coffee. Otherwise, I would get even less sleep than I am currently getting (twin newborns)


Coffee and caffeine gels are a stable when I train, but the coffee isn’t so much planed more than I really like to get a big cup when I get home from work, and incidentally I often do a workout soon after. The same goes for the weekends early rides where I get a cup or two alongside breakfest. Whether they give me any benefit I don’t know, but even for races I usually drink a double espresso, just to get the heart into gear :slight_smile:


I have a coffee before every workout. That way when the workout starts to feel tough the caffeine can start countering it.


Hey! I have a coffee before workout too. I brew it in my new one Keurig K425 Plus I am a coffee lover and have enjoyed it. My wife had been enjoying it even more than I have and he wasn’t sold on it at the beginning. He makes his coffee every morning instead of stopping at a store and buying. Great purchase at a perfect time, when it’s cold.

Espresso has less caffeine in it than brewed/drip coffee. Cheap grocery store brands are the biggest bang for your buck.

Unless you dance with the devil like I did once and make an espresso with coffee instead of water. Your heart will finish the race before you even get on the bike.

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Espresso is more concentrated, though. So a double espresso is twice the caffeine in under half the volume of a coffee. Unless you need more hydration the espresso is a nice delivery vehicle between a cup of coffee or swallowing a pill.


Personally, I am a French Press kind of person. But I agree that espresso can be a nice delivery vehicle. I tend to also find it easier on an empty stomach.

I weaned off coffee a while back, before I took up cycling. Prompted by this thread, I got my old Moka pot out this morning and had a cup of coffee before doing Baird Peak. Amazing — I crushed the long sweet spot intervals like a champ. Actually looking forward to my next VO2max.