Question on Syncing to an External Calendar (Google, iCal, Exchange)

This would be a nice feature, looking forward to it being rolled out.

I agree with @willball12 on this one. I think the all day makes more sense than placing it at a specific time on the calendar. Also, working with API’s personally, I don’t think this would be any different than the workload to set the time listed on the workout in the TrainerRoad calendar.

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Beta toggle switch! I’m in. :wink: :+1:

Nate - I think being able to sync it to a calendar (Apple Cal in my case) is great. I don’t know anything about programming so don’t know if it is possible to build it so that the user could select all day/time specific - if that is doable it might be worth it to save you the griping that will surely ensue from either side.
My vote would be for all day if only one option is doable. I would just like to look at my calendar and have the info right there in the context of what my week with all of life’s event look like.

Here’s what we’ve got. Everything in Green is from a TrainerRoad feed. If you click on the day it shows TSS, IF, KJ and the description. The formatting isn’t the best because we can’t put line breaks in the description, but it serves it’s purpose.



Why is this that much works if you do generate everything in UTC and set the timezone like this :


in the ics ?

If you don’t handle the TZ in UTC it means that if the person is travelling she is going to have her calendar event in the TR defined TZ,

I wish I could try to apply for dev job if I was not located outside the US :wink:

So when do us beta guys get to play with this??? At least I was in the FB beta group and got calendar early.

please. please.

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Yeah I could do with this to save me from CTRL+C / CTRL +V :smiley:

Super looking forward to the roll out to synch to ical. Working on my training plan now for the year, and am a calendar freak. Eagerly awaiting the chance to synch my TR calendar to my ical!!

How the data is exported when you generate an ICS is easy. The problem is figuring out what the user meant when they said “0900” and they don’t live in or use UTC, and may not mean the same time zone for the workout as where they currently are (scheduling workouts during a trip to another time zone, or scheduling a workout in the future after daylight savings time starts). Harder than that is creating a user interface that easily directs the user to creating the schedule they intended and doesn’t bog them down for simple cases while making the complicated cases possible.

External Calendar Sync is now live! More information available at the following post. Calendar Update: External Calendar Integration!