Question on Syncing to an External Calendar (Google, iCal, Exchange)

Thanks @Nate_Pearson. Just getting it over to my calendar would be great (I use iCal), and I can pretty easily handle editing it from all day to the specific time. Having the length of workout is a great add. Hope this comes out soon

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I’m another who shares their google calendar with my wife so we can co-ordinate things. A couple of thoughts occur to me.

  1. It would be useful for the title of the calendar event to include a prefix; e.g. ‘TR Workout: Title (hh:mm)’. That way, my wife (non-TR user) can recognise it as a workout more easily and I will know which workout I’ll be doing.
  2. In Google calendars at least there is an option to add notes to an event, could you automatically add in a short workout summary there?

Instead of all day could it not always be at 12.00 midday and also be the duration of the workout?

It would make it far easier to move the ride to the correct slot in your calendar and negate the need for further development?

This might be a silly question, but I’ve seen these sort of ‘simple things’ go wrong with IT implementations at my job so I am just going to ask it.

Will the push from TR server to the user’s third-party calendar take the user’s timezone in consideration?

What I mean by that is that if I schedule something in TR at 8 AM, that it will be 8 AM CET/GMT+1 in my calendar rather than 3 PM CET/GMT+1 (what would be 8 AM US TIME).

I can see how this would be useful for others but an all-day event makes more sense for me personally as I don’t necessarily have a set time for every ride and would mainly use the calendar event sync to co-ordinate with my wife. If there are any questions I can verbally say what time I think it’ll be done.

I generally use timed slots only for meetings which I need to know the timings of. Everything else is just a day blocked out. If you default to 12:00 then users like yourself will still need to move/edit the event and you’ve also made it so people like me have to change it to an all-day to avoid confusion.


When we let you set time, yes, it will handle time zones.

+1 and building on that I’d love to see something like this:

TR Carson +1 SweetSpot (1:15)

or similar.

And in the notes include a link:

and bonus points for additional descriptors like “7x5-7” or a pic.

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Nice, thanks for the reply

Because it’s an external calendar I don’t think we need to put “TR” in front of it. In most calendar systems, external calendars get a different color label. That way it’s totally implied that it’s a TR workout. I recommend RED!!


lol, agree!

Someone else had “TR Workout: Title (hh:mm)” and I was just rolling up that feedback. My personal preference is “Carson +1 SweetSpot (1:15)” FWIW.

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When you share calendars with others on Google your events show up in a single colour on their screen so it wouldn’t translate for that use case.

It’s not a big deal, was just a thought.

I have a question about changing the time once it has synced. Won’t the next sync just add the all day event back in, as the calendar will think it is missing? Also, won’t a synced calendar be read only?

I don’t mind how it sycns, I voted for option 1. I was just interested in the above as a workflow.

In the podcast (this survey is not in the podcast notes, btw), Nate says that if they do Option 1, it will block your whole day as busy. I don’t want that. I would take option 1 if it shows up as an all day even and “free”, but not all day and busy. If busy, people think I’m unavailable for meetings.

I think this is a critical factor that isn’t mentioned in the question/survey.

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@Nate_Pearson says it won’t show as busy


Weird. Thanks! That changes my vote. He said it would in the pod.

It’s a separate calendar so you’ll have to copy the event to your individual calendar if you want to set a time so it’s a bit annoying. There’s no two way sync either.

All day event works well enough for me. I use Google and would copy the event from the tr calendar into my main calendar and set the time. Few extra steps but would work very well

So it will or will not sync straight into our normal google calendar?

If not an option might be to share w yourself (or whatever the terminology is) as my wife and I share a google colander even w different google accounts.

This is something I want… need … to keep the wife informed of what I have planned.

Yes. Technically it’s a different calendar feed that get’s overlaid, but it’s easy.

You would just give a URL for your wife to add to her calendar…it sounds hard but it’s easy. We’ll have instructions. It’s a one time setup too.

It looks like this:


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