Developing software to Sync Runs & Calories to TR Calendar

Hey, Ive been wanting a way to sync my consumed calories from mfp to the trainerroad daily calendar but its been a bit hard to get the data out of myfitnesspal.

As this data syncs to Garmin connect i’m able to get it out pretty easily and sync it to trainerroad.

I’ve built an app for myself that just takes my calories consumed, remaining, total steps and resting HR. Currently i’ve just developed this app for me but could potentially host it if there’s appetite for it. I’d have to do a bit more work around the authentication side for that.

Here’s what it looks like, basic but keeps all the information i need in TR :slight_smile:


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So have the auth mechanism working now, the other bit i’m looking at implementing is getting run data automatically added from garmin into TrainerRoad, will post an update once i figure that bit out.

This looks promising, other than the TR calendar not importing run workouts the only other reason I’m currently maintaining a TP sub is for Metrics.

OK, As an update I have the auth mechanisms working for both garmin and trainer road. Its using the client api in garmin so not ideal but that way i can get the run data and calorie data out.

This is very alpha / probably buggy, there are a few things i need to do before i can put the code out for testing.
This is not a real time or webhook services, you need to run the app everytime you want to sync or I could schedule it as service to run every 30 mins or so.

What’s Working:

  • Authentication

  • Add calories from garmin

  • Now add runs from garmin

What needs to be done:

  • Detect entry so duplication data isn’t added

  • Open up for testers

Here’s a screenshot of a running coming in from garmin to trainer road.