Question about endurance climbs and injury

Hi folks,

Here is a bit of context before the question(s). I recently went on a run (first in years - training for a triathlon) for about 2kms. I was quite sore (mostly thighs - quads) for about 2 days and on the third day (wasn’t too sore) went for a ride. The ride wasn’t tough on paper, but there was one long climb (we did it at 220W for ~40 minutes and the rest was mostly flat (but quite strong head winds and not very smooth roads). I have a couple of questions -

I now have a creaky Achilles tendon (I think, it started after I got back from the ride, at night), basically it feels like the tendon creaks (feeling, not sound). There is no pain and does not look swollen, what is this from and is it worth seeing a doctor? I ask because the ride wasn’t hard on paper, (0.7IF) but felt pretty hard on the day. I didn’t feel any pain on the day besides lower back (probably from being in the drops a lot). Can I still ride or do I take time off?


If you have to ask you probably should see a doctor. :wink:

Can you see a PT? In Indiana you do not need a referral anymore to see a PT