Injury - alternative training

Hi team
I have an issue… I have strained my achilles tendon doing an interval running last week.
I am 10 weeks out from my first 70.3 and want to know what alternative workouts I can do on the bike to make up for not running…

Doing 4 TR workouts per week currently
1x tempo 60min
1x endurance 60
1x vo2max
1x threshold
… about4.5 hrs pr wk

I’ve an FTP 225
Was running a cpl foundation runs between 45 and 55mins + long - supposed to be 110mins this weekend…

I’m following TR 70.3 intermediate build plan an 80/20 running (no swimming due to lockdown)

I want to keep pushing myself without f#$$%g my achilles

Any suggestions?
Can I add 3 or 4 more rides in? I effectively have another 4hrs per week now

Ps I’m 48 been male novice… 86kg and v motivated to get as close to 6hrs as poss. …


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Hello There,

Usually the strain comes due to over use. Adding extra rides my allow the Achilles to get better but could cause strain elsewhere. Given the amount you are already doing why not extend the rides already in your plan? Pretty easy to do, get a little extra TSS but not so much you could cause injury or fatigue.

Granted, you are talking to someone that only runs every other week for two miles and can’t swim. However, that is what I would do.

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Frustrating as hell!

I jogged only about 50 or 60m today next to my 5yr while she scooted and felt it almost immediately, yet the rides I’m doing (1-1.5hr - 75-100TSS) dont bother it at all…

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I hear you. I love running. I just cant’t do much anymore due to aches and pains. Hopefully, with a break you can get back at it.

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Why not take a full week off everyone and ease back into it? Sounds like you are doing a fair amount of hard riding tho not lots of volume. This will likely aggravate your Achilles. 10 weeks out is long enough that it shouldnt matter that you take a full stop unless you’re on a couch to 70.3 plan


Take a week of rest if you can. If not, then I suggest water running. Still keeps the running muscles and mechanics fresh but without all of the pounding.

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Echoing the others. 10 weeks out is plenty of time so taking a few days of total rest isn’t a bad way to go. If you feel the need to do SOMETHING, then perhaps do some research on how to avoid the injury in the future. Didn’t see it mentioned, but do you do any strength training or recovery work (yoga, stretching, foam rolling, theragunning)?

Unfortunately, I have a wealth of experience here……a few tips.

  • push your cleats back as far as possible on your shoes. Also avoid any standing efforts in your bike.

  • Swim. It was always wonderfully therapeutic for me.

  • water running. If the strain is severe, you’ll need a wait belt and do deep water running without touching the bottom. If you can tolerate it, do shallow water where you are touching the bottom. It is boring as hell, but it will keep you running. (Use some type of shoe if you are running on the bottom. Trust me…you don’t want those blisters!)

Achilles injuries can take awhile to heal….just prepare yourself mentally.

ETA - do glute strengthening exercises. Single leg squats, monster walks with resistance bands, etc. also use a balancing pad and do some exercises on it (stand on one leg and bend down to pick up cups, have someone throw you a small medicine ball while you stand on one leg, etc). Those exercises will strengthen your stabilizing muscles and the glute exercises will provide stability to the whol kinetic chain of your leg.


Listen to Power13’s advice

I had calf issues all summer

aqua jogged till I could walk - walked till I could jog - jogged till i could r… I could only jog during the race, but it was better than walking or not racing

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Thank you so much guys!

We are still locked down in Auckland so no swimming or aqua jogging at all at mo (which adds to the frustration)

I have taken everyone’s advice and just chilling. Also resisting the urge to “test” it out yday/today… col bourbons and beer :rofl:

I am a couch to 70.3 individual but taking a pragmatic view now… Power13 I have started using wobble board and lower stabilizing exercises. Also signed up for some yoga, red light therapy and PEMF.