Forced week (or more) off bike due to injury—how to nail recovery?

Having the best start to a season training-wise ever and just off my final week of SSB 2 and I go and injure my Achilles’ tendon during a hard outdoor ride last weekend. I goosed it up a short, but steep climb and felt a lot of soreness about 20 min post ride. Oddly, not immediately.

Super bummed—first cycling related injury that is forcing time off—and it has to come now, 3 weeks before Almanzo, my A race.

I have no pain, or bruising. A little puffyness and just a teeny bit of discomfort during this morning test ride. I have no choice but to rest up this week.

I need some tips, tricks and motivation to help me not freak out about possible detraining. I need to nail my recovery. Of course my thoughts immediately go to “now it’s time to plan for 2020”.

not a doctor/this isn’t medical advice

I’d take 2-3 days completely off. Easy spin for the rest of the week. You won’t detrain much in a week and if you’ve been training hard, you might even be faster.

As you ratchet the intensity back up, if you feel pain, dial it back down.

I had a similar injury and it took a few weeks to feel normal again, but I was training at a normal intensity within a short period of time.

I Overall I feel decent, but there is still some puffiness along the inside of the ankle. I’m not in any pain, but I do feel a little sensation when I do calf stretches.

I’m following the strengthening exercises here:

I did 30 min @ 50% FTP this morning and had no issues, no pain, but the ankle feels tighter or weaker than the other. I’m riding easy in order to maintain mobility and hoping for the best, and trying to avoid seeing a PT for now. Because insurance.