Pyramid Workouts?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, I’m wondering whether anyone else has.

Pyramid format workouts feature in some of the TR cyclocross and crit oriented workouts (i.e. sassafrass), but I don’t really see this structure generally applied in TR workouts.

It is the case that most TR workouts have a bit of a stepped build into the main body of the workout, but for the most part, they don’t step down at the end. It seems to me that a pyramid structure for a workout is highly beneficial as maintaining intensity, while progressively decreasing the duration of the last few intervals, allows you to fit in a bit more TSS. It just makes workouts more “doable” and slightly less daunting. I’m wondering if others also find this structure helpful for getting through tough workouts and building up TSS?

Obviously I can modify workouts, but should I? Has Coach Chad got got a well-evidenced and very wise reason for not using this approach in the first place?

Probably this is more relevant to VO2 than SS workouts.

I think the stepping generally happens between workouts. Either shortened recoveries or lengthend intervals. The philosophy is generally ‘we are trying to hold this power for x time’ and giving you a built in cheat to the workout is a little counter to that. Even the over-unders then to end an interval on an over.