Workout Priority

To steal an idea from Tower 26, is there an “A Workout” during any of the plans? (ie. During SSB does the Long Duration workout take precedent over either of the shorter ones?) If so, is there an B and C priority?

I think that individually (if you’ve been training with TR for more than 1 season) we all have our own “A” workout in each of the plans - that workout that maybe didn’t go so well last time around, or maybe caused a total meltdown that we’ll never forget.
For some - maybe it’s a big VO2 max workout, or a long sweet spot interval workout they struggle with. VO2 work comes easy to me, even efforts on the long end of things; but routinely my “A” workout in SSB is wright peak or leconte - those are ones I really want to nail and pay extra attention to.

If you’re generalizing each week, depends on the plan you’re all but they are all important :wink:

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Tuesday and Saturday. For me those are the rides to hit.

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On the calendar I think we should be able to mark the workouts as either “key” or “supporting” sessions. It’d be handy when looking at a week of tri workouts anyway.


Typically, I look at the workouts that are high in TSS and IF to find those that are most important.

If you are in the Base Phase, I would typically prioritize the workouts with the highest TSS.

In the Build/Specialty Phase, I would likely prioritize the more intense workouts more highly. This requires you to look at the overall duration as well since a 0.85 IF 90 minute ride is similar in intensity as a 0.90 IF 60 minute ride. In general, in the Build and Specialty Phases, try not to skip the “hard” ones. After you’ve done a bit of training, you know which workouts are gonna be tough, and those are the ones that will generate the biggest fitness improvements :muscle: